Monday, April 07, 2008

Can You Fathom This?

The Fathoms
Fathom This!

"The Fathoms delight with reverb-drenched Fender guitars and moody sax solos." -- Washington Post

It's time once again to quiver and shake with the East Coast kings of surf `n' stomp, as The Fathoms return with their first album in almost ten years! Known to many as one of the best modern surf bands in the world, The Fathoms take the classic 1960s surf sound (think The Astronauts) and infuse it with early UK beat (think The Shadows), rockabilly (think Johnny Burnette & His Rock `n' Roll Trio), fuzz-garage (think Davie Allan & The Arrows), and even a bit of '50s Latin rock (think Ritchie Valens' early instro sides). Coming from Boston, a city known more for clam chowder than for "hangin' ten," the group is the brainchild of guitarist Frankie "Crankie" Blandino, whose infectious guitar picking is simply amazing with its wet-reverb tones and southern-fried twang. Blandino is joined by the rest of The Fathoms, who are all musicians of the highest caliber: Jerry Miller on rhythm guitar, Paul Tomasello on bass, Doug Hinman on drums, and the band's secret weapon: Dave Sholl on saxophone. Sholl's distinctive sleazy sax gives the band a layer of R&B that not only sets it apart from the run-of-the-mill surf groups, but also makesit the most authentic-sounding band in the genre. You'll swear it's the summer of 1963 all over again!

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Paul said...

This is brilliant! Thank you. Can you re-up 'Overboard' and find the other one please? I need my fix!

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