Saturday, April 05, 2008

Straight from Slovenia!

Aligretosurfati - Experimental Surf Instrumental

Ripped & served by the Amazing Teisco, Danke senor

Phil Dirt - Reverb Central says:

Well now, this is certainly a splendid album! The early demos certainly hinted at the possibilities, but TubeStone have taken their fine writing into new territory via very clean production and wonderful arranging that reminds me of the Bambi Molesters. That's quite a compliment, give how much I like that band. The twin leads play counter melodies and simply sound wonderful together.

"Blow Away From The Future"
"Blow Away From The Future" has a picturesque, almost panoramic feel to it, with atmospheric reverb and double picked fluidity. The melody is very motion oriented, and the overall song is quite inviting.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Big Piece Of Cake"
This is too cool! The rhythm guitar reminds me a lot of the way the Bambi Molesters use rhythm, more a counter melody than pulsing. The lead and rhythm trade leadership verse to verse. "Big Piece Of Cake" is a very warm and engaging instrumental.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Walk On The Edge"
This moderately paced song opens with a bass run, but quickly involves everybody. Stylistically reminiscent of fellow countrymen the Bitch Boys, it's adventurous and very melodic, with cool watery glissandos. "Walk On The Edge" is a double picked song with a bit of thrash and sparkle, and a solid melody line. Ample changes and flash, along with a sense of adventure and tubular danger, plus a well thought out arrangement, give this song a lasting quality. Excellent!Surf Instrumental Stereo

This is a very pretty and moody song with beautiful ringing chords and a haunted arrangement. While it's fundamentally on the sad side, "Sixtysitforsms" also sports hopeful optimism as the sun rises on crystalline waves. Very nice!Surf Instrumental Stereo

This is a fine track, with double picked splash and charm, and a fine melody line. Lots of energy, surf sensibility, and European panache. "Bandi" is infectious and optimistic, and sports solid surf imagery.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Homo Electricus"
What a playful song! "Homo Electricus" virtually dances on the speakers. Full of finesse and sparks in a very liquid fashion, with an amazing lead-rhythm interaction. Wonderful!Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Moonrider" is structured in a more traditional way in places, and features great glissandoes and surf chords. Lots of fire and pizzazz in this high energy surf blaster. With vibrato edge, it's occasionally dissonant, often manic, and always powerful.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Lazy Queen Dazy"
"Lazy Queen Dazy" is another song that reminds a bit of the Bambi Molesters. The relentless rolling nature of the song and its perfect glissandos make it a grand listening choice.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Billy The Kid's Ride To Mexico"
Excellent! "Billy The Kid's Ride To Mexico" is double picked in low-E surf style, with a sense of Mexico and the curl. Powerful and fast, with great drums and a ton of energy. The more I hear this, the more I like it. This song may well be my fave!Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Roadcoaster" is rhythmic and chord dominated, with a fiery double picked lead guitar line over the top. Fast drums and thundering bass drive it well. An excellent song!Surf Instrumental Stereo

Shimmering hard drivin' surf with epic glissandoes played with complete abandon. "Katarakt" has a fine melody line that is very interactive with the rhythm. Very good indeed.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Stringers Walk"
"Stringers Walk" is on the spooky side, with a long downward spiral of melody lines landing is a whirlpool of splendid surf. The arrangement is reminiscent of early Bambi Molesters. Circular and very engaging.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Beanow De Cleash"
Long chords play against jangle. This somewhat angular song jangles like eighties pop, surfs like a Cosmonauti recording, and holds you through a thick and relentless energy. Warm and breezy.Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Blue Rose"
"Blue Rose" slows it down a bit. This very pretty melody is haunting and sad. The double picked guitar section brings in optimism and life. This is one compelling song that it lures you in. This rerecorded version is very nice.Surf Instrumental Stereo

Dramatic and Mediterranean or Gypsy inspired, "Macaca" is a splendid track with a lilting melody and sense of a sunny afternoon driving down PCH. Very nice track.Surf Instrumental Stereo