Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I Feel The Vibrations


Instrumental Vibrations

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by Greg Prato
Hailing from East Sussex, England, the rock duo Vibrasonic consists of members Victor K. Fitch (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion) and Simon Paul Jones (guitar, sitar, bass, drums). Their sound incorporates elements of '60s-era pop, psychedelia, garage, and surf into one tasty musical cocktail. The duo first issued several singles in the early '90s ("Don't Leave Me Tired," "Kingsley J," and "If I Were a Rich Man"), before unleashing their self-titled full-length debut in 1995. Shortly afterward, another single was released, "Into Sunshine," as well as a second album, Instrumental Vibrations.
1 Aquabeat
2 Ali Baba
3 Sweeny Todd
4 Latin Vibrations
5 If I Were A Rich Man
6 Blue Tremelo
7 Latin Reprise
8 The Vibratremble
9 Blast Off To Splash Down
10 Night Train
11 Untitled Hidden Track


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