Monday, April 09, 2007

Dim The Lights - Music To Score By

Ultra Lounge Vol 6



by Richie Unterberger
The sixth volume of Capitol's Ultra Lounge series, this focuses on the most sedate face of space age bachelor pad music: the sounds designed for dimming the lights, unwinding with martinis, and (stated implicitly; this was the '50s, remember) seduction. It might not have worked for those purposes then, and it certainly won't now, since prospective partners will be giggling too much at the cheesiness of it all to get it on. As far as sheer listening value, this, even more than other reissues of this sort, needs to be taken lightly or not at all. Julie London, Les Baxter, April Stevens, and a host of nonentities from the Capitol vaults may produce relaxing sounds, but not very involving ones. Those creepy organ lines that form the undercurrent of some of the selections provide the most fascination. At its worst, though, it's barely any better than the music you'll hear after you're put on hold by the airlines or the phone company.


Anonymous said...

What you're unaware of is that the state-of-the-art 33 1/3 long playing record was a relatively recent invention, fidelity was improving, as were record players... 78 rpm disks only had one song per side. Alot of these releases were taking advantage of improved studio recording and most importantly, STEREO. It was the latest thing to those folks, the ones who came of age during the Depression and fought in World War II, which ended not so many years before. Peace, man.

Dr. Paul said...

What you may also be unaware of is that RAPIDSHARE has damaged this file
and it needs to be refreshed.
Downloading this file is a very
"iffy" situation.
I have made 4 attempts and had the
download bog down and jam up each time.

Trustar said...

Sorry Doc but you might want a second opinion.

Downloaded it myself this morning, unwrapped it and played it just fine.

Further tests might be needed at your end.