Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stick Em Up! Your Money or Your Wife

Ultra Lounge Vol 7

Crime Scene


I was chided earlier for including a review from All Music Group that was not particularly flattering to for one of the Ultra Lounge series. These reviews are included with the album postings to give some insite into the contents and history of the group and/or album. These comments are NOT necessarily my own feelings about the posted item. I would not be posting items that I myself did not enjoy. This volume is another one that the reviewer was not especially fond of, but you know what.........I LIKE IT!!!

That's all there is to say about that!

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
One of the kitschier installments in the Ultra Lounge series, Vol. 7, Crime Scene features a cross-section of easy-listening and movie music culled primarily from Capitol Records' vaults. All of the songs are allegedly "about" or inspired by detective and crime novels and films, so you have movie and television themes (Nelson Riddle's "The Untouchables," "Peter Gunn Suite" as performed by Ray Anthony), as well as songs whose titles imply a crime connection of some sort. It's an enjoyable collection, but it's too incoherent and campy to really be consistently entertaining.


Anonymous said...

KILLER shares, man!
just KILLER!!!

could you PLEASE repost Ultra Lounge Vol 1-Mondo Exotica?

It's the only one that's been removed from RapidShare.

Thanks SO much for the GROOVIEST tunes!!!

Dgrador said...

The reviews that you post are quite informative, crossed with your taste in music.

Trustar said...

Thanks Pete

My original reaction was not as long and verbose as what I ended up writing. You summed it up just fine.


A.M. said...

Thank you very much for sharing this!