Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vivo o SurfMotherFuckers!


Ao Vivo Na Obra

Thesurfmotherfuckers: surf rock. Also jokes, punk rock, bits of electronic programming and samplings here and there. An idea that took shape in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) at the end of 1996 inspired by the reappearance of surf music in the music scene as a result of the enourmous success achieved by Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and its soundtrack. Since its first concert in 1997, the band has been constantly contributing to the surf music scene in the city. It has played innumerous concerts including all the Primeiro Campeonato Mineiro de Surfe, (probably the most important Surf Music Festival in Brazil) and Copa Belo Horizonte de Psycho Surf (besides a number of other events that took place in A Obra, the city´s most receptive bar for indie bands). They also opened for Man or Astroman? (the band´s biggest influence) in Belo Horizonte. Other bands that influence them are: Reverend Horton Heat, Dead Kennedys, Henry Mancini, The Cramps, B52´s, Ramones, The Cure, Delta 72, plus classic and modern surf music (The Lively Ones and Los Straitjackets are examples).thesurfmotherfuckers has released one EP in 2003 and features in a Supertones tribute album produced by Golly Gee Records.


Takeshi Terauchi And Bunny

Seicho Takeuchi - Bushi

Little known in the U.S. is Japan’s premier guitar hero, Takeshi Terauchi, affectionately known as Terry. Terry started recording electric guitar (or ‘eleki’) music in the early Sixties. His best recordings in the mid-to-late Sixties were with two different bands: the adorably named Bunnys and Blue Jeans. Generally, the music itself is Ventures inspired instrumentals accented with fuzzed-out whammy bar acrobatics. What makes The Bunnys and Blue Jeans unique is that they were also influenced by traditional Japanese Minyo, that is, very old rural folk songs. Terry recorded many a Minyo with the electric guitar at the helm in place of traditional instruments like the Shamisen.
Terry-san ranks close behind Western contemporaries Link Wray and Davie Allan when it comes to bad-ass guitar riffing. And though finding articles on him in your favorite magazine or finding his records in your local music shop proves a chore, The Bunnys and Blue Jeans have been included on a number of popular compilations, most notably, Pebbles from Around the World, the excellent Planet X GS collection Monster A Go-Go, Guitar Mood, the Hot Nips series, and the Corumbia Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler
1 Kanjincho
2 Sado Okake
3 Musume Dôseiji
4 Mamuro-Gawa Ondo
5 Shôsho Oiwake
6 Chakkiri-Bushi
7 Genroku Hanami Odori
8 Nôe-Bushi
9 Hana-Gasa Ondo
10 O-Edo Nihon-Bashi
11 Kazoe Uta
12 Tsukuba-San

I Feel The Vibrations


Instrumental Vibrations

Make sure to visit Twilightzone @
to catch Vibrasonic's first album Vibrasonic. RYP will take care of you.

by Greg Prato
Hailing from East Sussex, England, the rock duo Vibrasonic consists of members Victor K. Fitch (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion) and Simon Paul Jones (guitar, sitar, bass, drums). Their sound incorporates elements of '60s-era pop, psychedelia, garage, and surf into one tasty musical cocktail. The duo first issued several singles in the early '90s ("Don't Leave Me Tired," "Kingsley J," and "If I Were a Rich Man"), before unleashing their self-titled full-length debut in 1995. Shortly afterward, another single was released, "Into Sunshine," as well as a second album, Instrumental Vibrations.
1 Aquabeat
2 Ali Baba
3 Sweeny Todd
4 Latin Vibrations
5 If I Were A Rich Man
6 Blue Tremelo
7 Latin Reprise
8 The Vibratremble
9 Blast Off To Splash Down
10 Night Train
11 Untitled Hidden Track

Monday, April 23, 2007

Do You Fu Manchu?

Fu Manchu

California Crossing


by Craig Curtice
Anytime a band tinkers with its core sound, inevitably fans will be won and lost. California Crossing has a strong up side; Fu Manchu's distinctive fuzzy guitar sound has been refined into polished nuggets served fresh from the land of palm trees and endless summers. Its still hard rock, but this is a smoother machine that eases off the gas to feature breezing So-Cal hooks on "Thinkin' Out Loud," "Wiz Kid," "Mongoose," "Squash That Fly," and "Hang On." Wisely conjuring '70s pop sensibilities more closely resembling Cheap Trick than oft-compared Sabbath might realistically break Fu Manchu into radio markets and attract larger audiences without mosh-pits. However, there is a down side that may lose the interest of diehards still hell-bent on 1996's sludgy classic In Search Of or expecting King of the Road II. Scott Hill's reluctant vocals are usually nestled in amplified feedback and heavy drumming, but on this outing they are lifted to the surface exposing moments of range limitations with occasionally vague lyrics. Also, Brant Bjork's drums sound muted in the overall mix; only on "Ampn" and the juicy ending instrumental "The Wastoid" does he really gallop. Amicably leaving the Chu after this recording to pursue solo endeavors, Bjork was replaced by Scott Reeder (of Orange County's Smile) who's technical drumming suits CC's sound better. Lastly, Mammoth's delays and promotional copy proliferation several months prior to the official release hardly fueled precious momentum. Despite waves of bad timing for this album, these songs nevertheless strengthen Fu Manchu's status as a premier live band while showing future promise as musicians.

1 Separate Kingdom
2 Hang On
3 Mongoose
4 Thinkin' Out Loud
5 California Crossing
6 Wiz Kid
7 Squash That Fly
8 Ampn'
9 Bultaco
10 Downtown in Dogtown
11 The Wasteoid

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Bottom Feeders

The Halibuts

Life On The Bottom


by Cub Koda
While it would be easy enough to stuff the Halibuts into the retro surf-band file, a quick listen to this shows them to be a top-notch instrumental combo with a propensity for handling a diverse number of styles. While the reverb stun-gun attack of the guitars veers them into retro territory, their takes on Gershwin's "Summertime" and "Istanbul" make them a band with a little more to offer when you've overdosed on every cover version of "Misirlou" there is.

1 Hammerhead
2 Caldera
3 Stinky
4 Life on the Bottom
5 Ta-Hu-Wa-Hu-Wa-I
6 Noodles
7 Hombre de Palabra
8 Madcap
9 Hula Scuba
10 Suicide Bay
11 Night Crawler
12 Duck Dive
13 Fire One!
14 Istanbul
15 Summertime


Black Diamond Heavies

Every Damn Time


by Mark Deming
As role models for young musicians go, Tom Waits is a pretty good man to follow, but John Wesley Myers' clear admiration of the guy gets to be a bit much on Every Damn Time, the debut album from his band, the Black Diamond Heavies. Here Myers sounds like he spent the better part of a year locked up in a closet with a copy of Small Change, mastering every nuance of Waits' raspy croak, and though Myers conjures up no small amount of soul along the way, the similarity in their vocal styles (which doesn't sound spontaneous or coincidental) gets to be a bit much over the course of 40 minutes. Which is a shame, because otherwise this is a pretty impressive introduction — with just Myers on keyboards and vocals and Van Campbell behind the drums, the Black Diamond Heavies generate a mighty wall of sound and the duo cuts a hard, bluesy groove on songs like "Fever in My Blood" and "Leave It in the Road." Myers' electric piano work is especially impressive on "Poor Brown Sugar" and "Signs," and the anti-cocaine salvo "White Bitch" is a more effective anti-drug message than the "Just Say No" crowd has ever offered. Someone get John Wesley Myers a vocal coach and some less obvious influences and the Black Diamond Heavies ought to deliver a killer second album; even with its flaws, Every Damn Time is an impressive set of messed-up 21st century blues.

1 Fever in My Blood
2 All to Hell
3 Leave It in the Road
4 Let Me Coco
5 Poor Brown Sugar
6 Stitched in Sin
7 White Bitch
8 Signs
9 Might Be Right
10 Guess You Gone and Fucked it All Up

Old Mutantes

Os Mutantes

Os Mutantes


by John Bush
The band's debut album, Os Mutantes, is far and away their best — a wildly inventive trip that assimilates orchestral-pop, whimsical psychedelia, musique concrète, found-sound environments — and that's just the first song! Elsewhere there are nods to Carnaval, albeit with distinct hippie sensibilities, incorporating fuzz-tone guitars and go-go basslines. Two tracks, "O Relogio" and "Le Premier Bonheur du Jour," work through pastoral French pop, sounding closer to the Swingle Singers than Gilberto Gil. Though not all of the experimentation succeeds — the languid Brazilian blues of "Baby" is rather cumbersome — and pop/rock listeners may have a hard time finding the hooks, Os Mutantes' first album is an astonishing listen. It's far more experimental than any of the albums produced by the era's first-rate psychedelic bands of Britain or America.

1 Panis et Circenses
2 A Minha Menina
3 O Relógio
4 Adeus Maria Fulo
5 Baby
6 Senhor F
7 Bat Macumba
8 Premier Bonheur du Jour
9 Trem Fantasma
10 Tempo No Tempo
11 Ave Genghis Khan

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hang 6


Hang 6


From the Duke's legendary wave at Waikiki and "Da Bull" taking the first drop ever at Pipeline second reef to Kelly Slater's innovative free-style, surfing is always evolving. Listening to CUTBACK's instrumental surf music is like watching state-of-the-art long boarding in Tahiti, thundering tubes at Pipeline and a corduroy swell at dawn. Cutback is a surf band that actually surfs. They play instrumental surf music, eclectic and original, that reflects the influences of surfing, historically and globally. Hang 6 is an all-original CD that grew out of the band's surfing experience around Florida, Costa Rica and Hawaii.

shark pit
secret spot
spanish house
witches rock
conan the surferian

Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out, Come And Keep Your Comrade Warm

Red Elvises

Surfing In Siberia


Siberian surf-rockers the Red Elvises formed in Los Angeles in 1996; founded by singer/guitarist Igor Yuzov and singer/bassist Oleg Bernov -- Russian natives who previously teamed in the cult-favorite folk-dance group Limpopo -- the group later grew to include balalaika virtuoso Zhenya Kolykhanov and drummer Avi Sills (the lone American-born member). Combining classic rock'n'roll with a slew of ethnic influences (and featuring lyrics sung in both English and Russian), the Red Elvises rapidly began selling out clubs throughout the L.A. area, and in mid-1996 issued their debut LP Grooving to the Moscow Beat; Surfing in Siberia followed early the next year, and the 1998 release of I Wanna See You Belly Dance was accomapnied by a documentary about the band produced for the cable network VH1. An appearance on the primetime soap Melrose Place preceded the 1999 release of the Red Elvises' fourth album, Russian Bellydance; Shake Your Pelvis and the live EP Your Favorite Band followed a year later. Welcome to the Freak Show and Bedroom Boogie kicked things off for the band at the start of the new millennium, both issued in early 2001. The band took time to tour and gain some good publicity until they came back to the studio to record Rokenrol, their 2002 release.
— Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

1. Surfing In Siberia
2. Here I Am in Hollywood
3. Siberia
4. Don't Stop the Dance
5. Hungarian Dance # 5
6. Give Me One More Chance
7. Love Pipe
8. Jerry's Got the Squeeze Pipe
9. I Wanna Rock n' Roll All Night
10. My Darling Lorraine
11. Three Alley Cats
12. Roll n' Roll Music
13. Ukranian Dance #13

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This is a Public Service Announcement by Trustar Vibrations

US Department of Agriculture's

Food Safety and Quality Service

How To Buy Meat

Yes, really!

One of the wackiest things I have found yet, but tasty information for the carnivores of us out there.

Bon Appetit!

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Los Banditos

Los Banditos



Lil 'Ol Surf Band From Germany

About Los Banditos
In 1996 the band was founded as a trio in Jena/Germany. The Banditos first specialized in Surf, but soon enough line up and musical competence were steadily broadened, so that 10 years later were facing a 5-headed gang that is still celebrating its music on a solid Surf base and is unmistakeably inspired by the East German Big Beat bands of the early Sixties (yes, this term did exist already 40 years ago), but is integrating the sexy groove of the Sixties/ Seventies Soul and cuban percussions into its music as well as performing classical RnB vocal pieces this is an own version of Post Easy Listening Pop.

1. Nautilus
2. Ekstase
3. Derrick
4. Félbeszakadt Koncert
5. Abschied in Bistrija
6. Hotspot
7. Zauberflöte
8. Magic Touch
9. Heisse Reifen
10. Tanzfest in Rudolfstadt
11. Die Männer aus dem Spektrum
12. Männerfreundschaft

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stick Em Up! Your Money or Your Wife

Ultra Lounge Vol 7

Crime Scene


I was chided earlier for including a review from All Music Group that was not particularly flattering to for one of the Ultra Lounge series. These reviews are included with the album postings to give some insite into the contents and history of the group and/or album. These comments are NOT necessarily my own feelings about the posted item. I would not be posting items that I myself did not enjoy. This volume is another one that the reviewer was not especially fond of, but you know what.........I LIKE IT!!!

That's all there is to say about that!

by Stephen Thomas Erlewine
One of the kitschier installments in the Ultra Lounge series, Vol. 7, Crime Scene features a cross-section of easy-listening and movie music culled primarily from Capitol Records' vaults. All of the songs are allegedly "about" or inspired by detective and crime novels and films, so you have movie and television themes (Nelson Riddle's "The Untouchables," "Peter Gunn Suite" as performed by Ray Anthony), as well as songs whose titles imply a crime connection of some sort. It's an enjoyable collection, but it's too incoherent and campy to really be consistently entertaining.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Monday, April 09, 2007

Dim The Lights - Music To Score By

Ultra Lounge Vol 6



by Richie Unterberger
The sixth volume of Capitol's Ultra Lounge series, this focuses on the most sedate face of space age bachelor pad music: the sounds designed for dimming the lights, unwinding with martinis, and (stated implicitly; this was the '50s, remember) seduction. It might not have worked for those purposes then, and it certainly won't now, since prospective partners will be giggling too much at the cheesiness of it all to get it on. As far as sheer listening value, this, even more than other reissues of this sort, needs to be taken lightly or not at all. Julie London, Les Baxter, April Stevens, and a host of nonentities from the Capitol vaults may produce relaxing sounds, but not very involving ones. Those creepy organ lines that form the undercurrent of some of the selections provide the most fascination. At its worst, though, it's barely any better than the music you'll hear after you're put on hold by the airlines or the phone company.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Baby, Who Does Your Hair?

The Gore-Gons
Just Starting To Get Ugly

"The Gore-gons are literally painting the town red with their freak friendly-a-go-go, appealing to fans of Horror Rock bad guys Deadbolt, Satan's Pilgrims, and The Bomboras. "Just Starting to Get Ugly" is pick-up tunes for razor smile boys and girls who stay up late and get home before sunrise, hotrods optional.".......Kim Riot.."Vintage horror fans are sure to get a kick out of "Just Starting To Get Ugly", THE GORE-GONS' first full-length recording. Filled with 14 surf-punk melodies, the disc is a hoot, with tunes like "Swamp Thing" evoking theHalloween hit "Monster Mash," and "Ghoul Bash" recalling the rousing ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW anthem "Time Warp." Though in some respects a novelty act, this Southern California quartet is nevertheless skilled, providingrollicking riffs and droll lyrics that ensure their efforts remain unfailingly frightening and fun" ........Jeff Berkwits....THE ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

The Creeper
Severed Apart
Ghost Town Gunfight
Dirt Nap
Give Daddy the Gun
Whats the Matter with Helen?
The Prowler
Swamp Thing
Ghoul Bash
Train to Nowhere
Shake Me ,Baby

Sunday, April 01, 2007



Ativar Retrofoguetes


Inspired by literature, films and science fiction comic books, the instrumental surf-music trio formed by Moroto Slim (guitar), CH (bass) and Rex (drums), have great influence of psychobilly, rockabilly, polka, traditional mexican music, bolero and valse all put together to sound like a powerfull soundtrack. Retrofoguetes started in 2002 at Salvador, Brazil. Since then they have peformed at the greatest festivals around the country what has contribute to affirm them as a very well known indie band. After recording their demo Protótipo de Demonstração nº 1 produced by andré t. and Nancyta, Retrofoguetes have been part of many rock collections like Surf Rock (Deck Music), Reverb Brasil (indie), Monstro Hits and a tribute to Ultraje a Rigor (both Monstro Discos). Their first albun, Ativar Retrofoguetes! (2003, Monstro Discos), also produced by andre t. and Nancyta, has 18 original tracks and a version of Johnny Soko and his Giant Robot Theme. Ativar Retrofoguetes! was nominated as best intrumental albun at the Claro Music Awards 2004.