Sunday, February 17, 2013

You've Been Warned

The Vara-Tones
Jetty Subject To High Surf

Bill Epps and Rich Campbell formed The Vara-Tones in 1961. They are one of the original surf groups that were around when the first wave started. They were most active between '63-'65, during the height of the surf-instro craze. Over thirty years later they have returned as revitalized granddads of a genre that has been experiencing tremendous growth and renewed interest from all outlets of the media, including an entirely new and very hip fan base. Yes, another group has risen out of the ashes to reclaim their territory. This is a wonderful time to be making music. The world has never been more open to new and different sounds. Although this sound is not new and familiar to some, it never really got the recognition and opportunity that its now experiencing. There is no one that deserves the accolades and fame more than the guys that were there in the beginning. Listen up all you youngsters out there, want to play surf-instro the way it was meant to be played? The Vara-Tones hold a clinic for eager ears that are willing to learn. They have successfully re-ignited their original sound with the help of today's technologies and equipment. The base sound is still there, it just has a little more oomph now (as Phil Dirt says). The original hit "Repeto" (1964), has been given a shot of new life with an upbeat rockin' flavor and a new title, "Repeto 2000." You get the best of both worlds, as the group plays the original as well the updated version. Speaking of the best of both worlds...When many original surf groups reform and make their music combined with today's sound, it comes out sounding so much stronger, with a new fullness and freshness to it. What was once a mere ripple from a recording standpoint, is now a Tsunami headed your way to give you the ride of your life. It all sounds that much better now because of the enhanced and improved sound quality and sonics. The latin, island flavored tunes are immensely effective. "El Sereno" and "Midnight In Mazatlan", are as picturesque and inviting as the beaches that are envisioned inside your head while listening. Welcome back Vara-Tones. The surf-instro community needs more groups like you to reform and to remind people from whence they came. Fair warning- if you have a surfboard in hand, and if this music is played loud, the jetty is subject to high surf. Keith Hannaleck


1. Surf Blaster
2. Over the Edge
3. El Sereno
4. Invasion of the V-People
5. Midnight in Mazatlan
6. The Jetty
7. Rendezvous Run
8. Vara-Tone Stomp
9. Varafied
10. Repeto 2000
11. Sunset At the Wedge
12. Groo-V-Chicken
13. Drumbox
14. Repeto ('64)

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