Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lookin' Sharp

Joe Jackson Look Sharp 1979 - One of my favorite late 70's sounds. Joe was quite the shaker. So get up, get ready, and most importantly, LOOK SHARP! - A brilliant, accomplished debut, Look Sharp! established Joe Jackson as part of that camp of angry, intelligent young new wavers (i.e., Elvis Costello, Graham Parker) who approached pop music with the sardonic attitude and tense, aggressive energy of punk. Not as indebted to pub rock as Parker and Costello, and much more lyrically straightforward than the latter, Jackson delivers a set of bristling, insanely catchy pop songs that seethe with energy and frustration. Several deal with the lack of thoughtful reflection in everyday life ("Sunday Papers," "Got the Time"), but many more concern the injuries and follies of romance. In the caustic yet charming witticisms of songs like the hit "Is She Really Going Out With Him?," "Happy Loving Couples," "Fools in Love," and "Pretty Girls," Jackson presents himself on the one hand as a man of integrity seeking genuine depth in love (and elsewhere), but leavens his stance with a wry, self-effacing humor, revealing his own vulnerability to loneliness and to purely physical attraction. Look Sharp! is the sound of a young man searching for substance in a superficial world -- and it also happens to rock like hell. Get it HERE


zillagord said...

LOVE this one! Hope you are well, bro.

zillagord said...

Love this one, still listen to it frequently. Actually, I listen to a lot of Joe Jackson, he's a regular around here.
Hope you are well bro, glad to see you are still at it!