Sunday, September 05, 2010

Where Did The Summer Go?

The Vista IV



@ a killer 320  w/ 3% Recovery

The earliest lineup of the Vista IV was short lived at about 9 months but managed to travel out of state & record several lo-tech surf songs & get plenty of radio play in that short time. The Vista Four started as a twin guitar instrumental surf band by Skater j in Las Vegas, NV. Skater was performing as a backup player for Jim Masoners "The Lively Ones" (heard on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack) when he met Benny Hammond. Dressed in a black trenchcoat, black high-water pants, and standing alone back among the crowd, Mr. Hammond approached Skater j and introduced himself as a surf guitarist just up from Phoenix. Always on the lookout for surf musicians, Skater j asked Mr. Hammond for a tape of his surfage. Material from Benny and The Goons, his old band from Phoenix Arizona was available so the tape was slipped to Skater. The two guitarists set about rehearsing for the new band and by the spring of 2000 Little Donny (bass), Mr. Hammond (rhythm guitar), Tonya Jaynes (drums), and Skater j (lead guitar) had become known as The Vista Four and were performing in the old section of downtown Las Vegas. Eventually Mr.Hammond and Tonya both moved to California for other projects.

2002-2007 - Not long after their departure The Vista Four was joined by Liz N and Gary Levin. No longer a two guitar band they soon became the original and powerful surf & spy band they are today. Thanks to the interaction of Skater j on guitar and Liz N on organ & Rhodes, along with the heavy backing of Little Donny on bass and Gary Levin on drums, "The Vista Four sound" has made them in demand for playing First Friday's in the downtown Las Vegas area.

The Vista Four members are Little Donny, Liz N, Skater j, and Gary Levin. They have been busy recording, playing the hits, & arranging surf & spy instro music for years for very enthusiastic audiences.


1.   Tsunami Mommie

2.   The Ballad of Nansy Lou

3.   Mystical Abyss

4.   Malibu Longboard

5.   Summer

6.   Ocean West

7.   Agent X

8.   The Man In The Grey Suit (The Shark)

9.   Rip Tide

10.  Barracuda Baby

11.  Go Go Youbari  On The Tokyo Beach

You can snatch it HERE