Sunday, September 05, 2010

It's A Gas

Fifty Foot Combo

Jennifer Jennings EP


@ a loaded 320 w/ 3% Recovery

Fifty Foot Combo never took the easy way out. Without much media-attention and in a times where there seemed to be no room left for straight forward rock'n'roll, they mainly relied on bringing their music live and straight to their audience. Their live-reputation is one in a million,and their loyal fan base keeps on growing every day! In attendance of their new full studio album due April 2004, the uncrowned "kings of Monstrophonic sound' are releasing a brand new EP, named " Jennifer Jennings", a swinging and instrumental version of the legendary Louis Neefs track on which they push their barriers even further; using female backing vocals and a sitar! Powerfull but swinging. It's definitely on of their finest moments... Also included are 2 live tracks, "theme from f.a.c.t.s" and a neckbreakin' version of LIO-classic "Banana Split."


1. Jennifer Jennings
2. Theme From F.A.C.T.S.
3. Banana Split

Get it HERE


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