Sunday, September 05, 2010

Hot Sheet Hotel

The Gasolines

Tanger Hotel


The Gasolines are on the road for over 15 years. According to legend, Alexandre Kanashiro, the band's guitarist, had an epiphanic moment in a show of Guitar Wolf in 1993 in the U.S. and decided to assemble a band to play Link Wray.

Back in Brazil, rode the Gasolines. What began with influences of Link Wray was increasing its range of influences and have been incorporated Latin rhythms, melodies movies Bang Bang, Latin Jazz and, of course, always with a footprint Surf.

There are already four CDs and a demo released. The first demo, "Wild and Primitive" is a rarity and unfortunately not be offered. The first demo CD, "Sonido de la Frontera," already shows that the band came with the first appearance of the version of Tico Tico no Cornmeal and reissues from Link Wray and Ennio Morricone, plus his own compositions. The second CD, "La Shereefa," brings more reinterpretations of movie themes and more influences from Latin music. The third CD, "Tanger Hotel," was first released by Allied Cheap, and brings some songs already present in the previous demo. The fourth and latest CD, "Pure Veneta," already has an even wider set of influences, from music by Italian, Latin, Dub, and a mandatory version of the band's primary influence, Link Wray.

The band, which today includes Alexandre Kanashiro on guitar, drums Fabio Barbosa, Julian Campbell on bass and Richard on guitar Granata percussion, has performed throughout Brazil and in various festivals (including first Campeonato Mineiro de Surf , Sons of summer night) and was winner of the first GDP, which occurred in 2007. With this, the band became godmother night Aquatic PiB 2009, which took place on July 9 in CB Bar in Sao Paulo.

In August, the band released one more contract and play every Friday of the month in Astronete with a different repertoire each week. Start with Link Wray and end only with classic Surf Music, going for a night and an Exotic Jungle Jazz. Almost a deconstruction of his main influences and references. You may see the details of each night on our agenda next door while listening to their albums.


 Beachnik Road
 Havana Café
 El Moroco
 Cosa fai
 Pic Nic Panic
 Hava Nagila
 A Shot in the Dark
 Cine Triada

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