Friday, May 07, 2010

Hey!!! Gimme Some Popcorn!

Surf Cinema

Surf Cinema


Ripped @ a blazin' 320 w 3% Recovery

Surf Cinema is an instrumental-soundtrack band and a collage of surf, beach party, spy movie, car crash, western, sitcom, kitsch, and clay-mation clips to project live on stage behind the band to form "Surf Cinema". It's a slight twist from traditional surf and a bit more visually entertaining.

The band has shared the stage with Dick Dale, The Red Elvises, and many other bands up and down the west coast.

Heter, baring a nickname derived from a drunken Newfoundlander, hails from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has played in many successful cover and indie bands across the country for that last 15+ years.

Aaron, has been a staple Bay Area musician for more than 15 years playing bass and drums for the likes of Chug, Sinister Sam and The Floppy Rods. He also manages one of the more popular local music stores and runs a spectacular 48 track-recording studio. Ironically, Aaron was sitting in when our original drummer needed to sit out a few weeks. The chemistry was too good to stop!

Jim, our bass player has also been a Bay Area mainstay with bands Leghound, JTS and The Floppy Rods. He can also play guitar, clean your pool, size you for a helmet and let you drink him under the table.

We are very good friends in and out of the music which makes the perfect formula for a great band.

See you at the next show.


1. Flemgringo
2. Zippy to the Rescue
3. Unbundled
4. Sticky Finger Sunset
5. Pale Face Hombre
6. Honeybaked Ham
7. Dos, Dos Equis Por Favor
8. Harlem By The Sea
9. He No Lickety Split
10. Prague Rock
11. Dead Pedestrian
12. Ricko Suave
13. Strait Up Chuck
14. Country-fied
15. Quarter Pump
16. Bullfight In April
17. Sleigh Ride

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clive said...

Just got this one! Sounds great.
Especially sticky finger sunset...