Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Sounds Of Before In The Land Of Now

The Five

For Five Nights Only


Two sample tracks for your ears ripped at a crunchy 320.

Brandonio @ Rock Is Dead R.I.P. ( treated us all to our first introduction to this Brisbane based group of musicians a few months ago. Today I'd like to share their new video with an additional 2 tracks from their For Five Nights Only CD.

Hitting on all five cylinders they pay homage to some of the masters, Link Wray with (Mustn't) Grumble and StingRay, space-age twang with Theme From Burger Force (The Suffering Bastard), the fuzzed out sounds on 2000lb Bee Part 2, and some low-key reverb tunes like Midnight at Charlie and Big Bird and major tip-of-the-hat to Mr Dale with Miseri Loves Company. Since their credo is "Five shows and we're out of here" make sure to catch em if you can. If not, you can pick-up this fine CD/Vinyl combo HERE and enjoy them forever. Check out their site, give them some props and maybe we can convince them to reconsider their "green flash" moment and put out some more tunes. Drop by HERE

Get Big Bird HERE

Get No Sauce HERE

Dig their crazy video with the old-school skater kids doing their thang to Miseri Loves Company.

The Real Suffering Bastard


Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ..............................

Robert said...

Unfortunately the five shows have now been played and all that remains are the memories (and the vinyl/cd...). I'm glad you enjoyed the clip, i should be uploading a few more (five in total of course) to youtube in the coming weeks.
- rob five

RecordCollector said...

*drewls @ the videoclip.......
What a great tune dude!


Robert said...

thanks again
The Five was a fantastic project, it was great playing with some of my favorite musicians and discovering an exciting genre of music (most of us had never explored the surf/biker world before this)
i have the second of our clips (for "No Sauce") available now on my youtube page and i hope you all enjoy it. thanks for your support
- Rob