Monday, March 22, 2010

Shake It Way Down

Dubhead Vol 2

Shivers M&D


As promised, another great package of only the finest dubs for you.

1 Way Down in a Babylon D. Rootical
2 Heartland Dub Disciples
3 Truth Dub D. Maximillian, Mixman
4 Dub Warming Fish & Goat At The Controls
5 Lunar Module Tassilli Players
6 Tokyo Dub Hi Tech Roots Dynamics
7 Praising Dub Armagideon
8 Sound System Dub Hughie Izachaar
9 Shining Dub [Version 96] Equalizer, Manasseh
10 Rootsman Chant [Version II] Dub Crusaders
11 Slave Dub Prince Green
12 The Storm Earthquake
13 Third Eye Bush Chemists
14 Live in Harmony Dub Specialist
15 Discipline Power Steppers

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