Monday, March 22, 2010

Let Your Dub Light Glow

Dubhead Vol 1

Shiver M&D


Thouroghly enjoyable set of very fine dubs for your ears. Take them for a spin inside your head. More to come.

1 Talking Dubheads All Nations Rockers
2 Victory Dub Armegideon
3 Lessons of Old Blue & Red
4 Light up Your Spliff Bush Chemists
5 Dub Zone Dub Plate Vibes Crew
6 Before Christmas Centry
7 More Love Henry & Louis
8 Dub of the Fellaheen Rootsman
9 Jerusalem Alpha & Omega
10 Blazing Dub Disciples
11 Prophet Lives East Meets West
12 Free the Nation Aba-Shanti
13 Running Away [Hard Mix] D. Rootical
14 Righteous Children Jah Warrior

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