Thursday, December 10, 2009

Name That Hat!

OK folks, I need some help..... I know, I know "He needs LOT'S of help".

I'm working on my Christmas list for Santa and one of the things I really want is a hat like this one that Woody Harrelson wore in the movie 2012. I don't know what the style is to give anyone a clue. (I know, Santa knows all that stuff!) It's embossed or broqueted around the lower 3-4"

If anyone out there can help a poor alter boy out I would be eternally grateful. (or at least until the year 2012)



emmemmemm said...

It's called doppa, a variation of Muslim skullcap. It's quite hard to identify based on the pictura - though I've seen the movie, too - but it surely is some variation. I do own two of them, bought them in Vienna from an old man from Uzbekistan or whereabouts.

Trustar said...


Your my hero! Now I have something to work with. Gives me a great start.

Now to find an old Uzbekistani man....

Thanks much


Anonymous said...

looks like a serbian hat ...Šajkača

but be careful, it's a national symbol, and may cause problems if you wear it in the wrong geographic region


Trustar said...


Thanks for the tip. It does look like some variation of the sajkaca.

I would be careful as I have friends on both sides over there.

Thanks again for the help.

I'm getting warmer.

Ross Teasley said...

looks more like the central asian doppa than the serbian one to me... to find your old uzbek, call around or visit some little Russian Gift shops. if they don't have them, ask them where? also, any place you could buy a samovar is likely to know... turkish giftshops are a good bet too.

Trustar said...

Thanks Ross for getting me a little closer to my new chapeau.


Troy McClure said...
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