Wednesday, December 09, 2009

It's A Killer

On a tip from BruceF, who commented on The Civil Tones post, I checked into Crispy's more recent group, Killer Filler. This is the treasure I found.

You can also find their CD "Filler Up!" over at Fat City Guitar Lounge. (


B said...

That is so f-ng cool ! By the way, that's Brother Pete Gamble on lead axe, with the Fez On ! What a great clip. Much thanks friend.


The said...


Thought you might checking some more on-line videos of Crispy and the boys in action. First up is a nice little session/interview on Sessions at Studio B:

Next is a very cool Halloween special we did with Ormon Grimsby (who also posted that spiffy video at The Cave). He's got an hour-long version of the show which features some schtick and music with Killer Filler, streaming on his website Fun stuff!

Great blog, btw!

Drums, Killer Filler

memory_lane said...

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Trustar said...


Thanks for checking in at TV and directing us to the cool Killer Filler vids. Enjoying them big time.

Keep us posted on the groups happenings.

Always nice to hear from the musicians that we plug.