Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Kick This Bucket

The Civil Tones

Soul Bucket

Re-post (This is one that needs to be heard)Even though this album has been posted up here before and over at D'Boss' Fat City Cigar Lounge it needs to be out there as much as possible for all to hear. One of my favorites. Make it yours.


Have you ever slapped a record on your old turntable, hit play, and suddenly lost all control of your body, then found yourself sweating on the dance floor, uncontrollably shaking your money-maker? Did your lack of rhythm, style, coordination make you look like a complete fool? Did you dig the groove so much that you didn't care? Well, if you answered YES to any of these questions, then the new long-player Soul Bucket by The Civil Tones is for you! Soul Bucket will go down as the hottest "get off your ass and dance record" of the year!!!

The Civil Tones are back! The boys from St. Louis stocked the pond full of soul-soaked R&B instrumental grooves and pulled out some fresh catches. The Civil Tones mix together southern soul from the 60s (stuff you might find on old Stax or Hi records labels), early funk, latin grooves, and surf sounds, with arrangements that take sudden twists and turns in tempo, feel, and style. Hey, and they don't have a pretty-boy, ego-inflated lead vocalist to get in the way, but take the most melodic and catchiest parts of their Hammond organ, bass, guitar and drums to fuel the "Civil Tone" sound.

OK, enough talkin', now put Soul Bucket in that CD player and start groovin'!!!


1 Soul Bucket
2 Tubed
3 Joe Flamingo
4 Sarcasm
5 East of East St. Louis
6 Papa Burger
7 Road Rage
8 The Return of Sugar Dumplin'
9 Wings for Wanda
10 A Short Hello and a Long Goodbye
11 Billy Juarez
12 Strawberry Hill
13 Soul Bucket (Southside)


BruceF said...

I have the first CD.. Crispy is a fabulous entertainer, performer, cool guy. He has another outfit that he currently performs with and they go by the name, "Killer Filler", WELL worth seeking out !

You can catch them live in the Raleigh, Durham Chapel Hill NC area !

Thanks for the post.

Bruce in Durham

Trustar said...

Hey BruceF

Thanks for the info on Killer Filler. Will have to do some checking.

You can grab the 3rd CD over at Fat City Cigar Lounge here -

Tell D'Boss Trustar sent you.


BruceF said...

Crispy is wearing the pork pye hat, shades, big framed red headed guy, He was the organist in the Civil Tones. I know him and Pete Gamble (lead guitarist) pretty well.

Enjoy my brotha,


Mag said...

I appreciate your re-posts more than anything! Thanks!