Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby You Can Drive My Car

The Cars
The Cars Deluxe Edition
Ripped @ an ass-haulin' 320
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Review by Greg Prato

Back in 1996, Rhino Records had plans for a Cars rarities disc entitled Prototypes, which was to include their entire first album in demo form, as well as other rarities from all eras of the band. And even though Ice magazine ran a story on it and a track listing was set, the album never saw the light of day for reasons unknown. Three years later, Rhino reconsidered (helped by a fan write-in campaign), and issued a similarly assembled package, The Cars: Deluxe Edition. A two-CD set, it contains their classic 1978 self-titled debut in its entirety (an album you just can't hear enough), while the second disc presents the complete album in demo form, with an additional five early demos of previously unreleased compositions tacked on at the end. Diehard fans will have a feast with disc two, the demos for such radio standards as "My Best Friend's Girl," "Just What I Needed," "You're All I've Got Tonight," and "Bye Bye Love" capture the songs in their rawest form -- akin to what they must have sounded like back in the band's club days. Out of the five unissued songs, two are instant classics (the amiable "Wake Me Up" and the red-hot rocker "Hotel Queenie"), while "They Won't See You" proves interesting, despite an underdeveloped chorus -- which is forgivable, since these are demos, after all. [Note: since a demo version of "Good Times Roll" couldn't be found, a live take from 1978 is used on disc two.]


1 Good Times Roll
2 My Best Friend's Girl
3 Just What I Needed
4 I'm in Touch With Your World
5 Don't Cha Stop
6 You're All I've Got Tonight
7 Bye Bye Love
8 Moving in Stereo
9 All Mixed Up
10 Good Times Roll [live/demo version]
11 My Best Friend's Girl [demo version]
12 Just What I Needed [demo version]
13 I'm in Touch With Your World [demo version]
14 Don't Cha Stop [demo version]
15 You're All I've Got Tonight [demo version]
16 Bye Bye Love [demo version] Ocasek 4:07
17 Moving in Stereo [demo version]
18 All Mixed Up [demo version]
19 They Won't See You [#/demo version]
20 Take What You Want [#/demo version]
21 Wake Me Up [#/demo version]
22 You Just Can't Push Me [#/demo version]
23 Hotel Queenie [#/demo version]

2 CD's
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