Friday, April 17, 2009

More Eliki Magic

Munetaka Inoue & His Sharp Five
Haru No Umi

One of the many Eliki groups spawned after The Ventures sowed their guitar seeds in Japan in 1962.

Haru No Umi (which both opens and closes the album) is jaw-dropping--it starts as mellow traditional Japanese music an then builds to an all-out Eleki stomper.
Vicious guitar licks, surf induced wah-wah and fuzz distorted interceptions, all pored over with an oriental sonic garage back base. This really rocks and stings like a bat out of hell. A vicious party slammer, psyched up, fuzzed-out and fuelled up ready to leave burning tire tracks all over your sorry ass. This disc is not yet been detected by the larger psychedelic collecting crowd, so it comes quite cheap. We speak of 1968 here, real stunning album and quite rare these days. Highest



1 Haru No Umi
2 Rokudan
3 Chidori Kyoku
4 Yakkosan
5 Etanraku
6 Sakura Sakura
7 Gion Kouta
8 Kiyari Kazushi
9 Sanosa Bushi
10 Haru No Umi



El Pedantia said...

Great shares as always - gee I knew the Ventures have been around forever but 1062? Four years later the Normans invaded Britain and the Ventures had to abandon their British tour.

Trustar said...

El Ped

Thanks for the history lesson, but I think I needed a typing lesson instead! lol

Thanks for the comment.


barkingdog said...

thanks for the jap twang, T.

cheers... the dog

inspire121 said...

Everyone goes on about fusion music these days ...yes, Damon Albarn, Sting, etc, etc ...but these guys were doing it before anyone even knew what 'fuuuusion' was.

This music is not as a previous post calls it 'jap twang', which I believe is condescending at the least and at its worst, well, I am not going to say it, but can be taken as offensive.

Maybe I have taken that comment a bit too literally, out of context and I just hope that people who come to this blog ain't that way inclined.

Anyways, enough of this rant, the music is absolutely excellent, surf yes, but not as we know ( or assume ) we know it. Ok, some of it may sound cheesy, but listen to it as Japanese traditional music that has been 'surfed up'

I have been absolutely knocked out by this music Trustar... please, please deliver to us some more Eleki and Group Sounds magic, the more Japanese than western sounding the better.

And thanks so much for introducing me to this band.

Trustar said...


Thank you for dropping in and tking the time to leave a comment. I'm sure there was no slight intended by the "jap twang" statement but a good natured indevidual making a small, albiet now-a-days offensive, joke. As there are a great many visitors here from Japan here on a regular basis, I don't think this was intended or prevelent. Most folks who drop in here are used to hearing music from every corner of the world for all to enjoy.

Make sure to check with the site again for more suprises.


Lothar Funk said...

Thanks for the fuzz frequencies...stop by for soundtracks and library music.

Lothar Funk said...

Thanks for the sounds...stop by for library records and soundtracks.