Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 20th Is Right Around The Corner

The Surf Sluts
Pot Sounds

Degenerate mayhem in the form of surf/psychobilly punk. The Surf Sluts hail from York and add their own filthy flavour to obscure surf b-side covers. They have some of their own tracks also, some raucous, some cool and mellow. Particularly good are the instrumental tracks such as 'Dragster' and 'The Rattler' that recapture Dick Dale or The Ventures cruising on base speed.
Moving from the sublime to the ridiculous - such as 'Greasy Chicken' which is feverishly hilarious , or 'Dry Dock In Doha' - a track about a Singaporean bringing goods through customs in Qatar (I think). Musically you cannot fault the Surf Sluts, they're tight and professional and have their chaos well structured. It's generally fun but it genuinely is great surf music albeit performed by northern white trash rednecks whose music is guaranteed to make you dance until you're sick and in a cold sweat.
Ollie -

Papa Oo Mow Mow...
(Like Wow Wow) She's A Mau Mau
To The Island
Greasy Chicken
Monsters In My Garage
Mr Nice
Surfer Joe
Dry Dock (Down In Doah)
His Last Summer
Surfing On Mars
The Rattler
Tooli Frooli


Brandonio! said...

Sounds Stoner-riffic!No really it sounds pretty cool.I can not pass up the temptation. ....(Cough,Cough,Choke Choke!)

Trustar said...

Just tryin' to pass it on.

Expecting some more stuff for Monday.

Stock up on some cookies.


barkingdog said...

Trustar Oo Wow Wow!

Many thanx.

cheers.. the dog.

Oswaldo M said...

thank you!! it sounds great!!

do you have more of this guys?