Friday, April 10, 2009

One More Knot In The Line

Surfin' Knots
Volume 6


A very special suprise today in hearing from Sandy of Sandy's Surfspot and Endless Summer fame. He, in our opinion, sparked many of us to channel our love of surf music and to lay it all out for you folks and to dig for more. I've always been a fan but until I got the blog-bug after several years of P2P sharing, I did'nt have any clue how much more was out there.
Yesterdays post of volumes 1-5 got Sandy's juices to flowin' and his brain to thinkin' he should put together a new comp for all of us diehard reverb-freaks out here. Another fine one for the collection

Living in So Cal surf music was always a part of the soundtrack of my life but faced intense aural competition from all of the other genres of music running through my head. I still am very into my R'nR, Blues, Reggae, Lounge and Jazz music and have tried to share a bit with you all. But the main emphasis of this blog has gone the way of the sea. And that's OK with me.

My sincerest thanks and respect go out to the Sandman.

Mahalo brother



01. Treblemakers - Impact Zone
02. Vara-Tones - Reverberator
03. Tremolo Beer Gut - Gangster Surf
04. Aqualads - Seashore
05. Surfdusters - Death Trap
06. Woodies - Midnight Ride
07. Volcanos - Beatnik Bandit
08. Atlantics - Freakout
09. Torquays - Journey To The Stars
10. Treblemakers - It Came from Uranus
11. Aquasonics - The Infantile Surf
12. Ultras - Night Walk/Night Run (Third Man from the Sun)
13. Aqualads - It came from the Sea
14. Atlantics - Night Star
15. Bambi Molestors - Invasion of the Reverb Snatchers
16. Ben Vaughn - Blues from Nowhere
17. Wipeouters - Bikini Beach
18. Aqua Velvets - High Diver
19. Bezerkers - Mung Taco
20. Torquays - El Sleazo Chorizo
21. The Surf Trio - Bring Me the Head of Gerlado Rivera
22. 3 Balls of Fire - Blue Tango
23. Volcanos - Bikini Sunset
24. The Venturas - Runaway

Get it HERE


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