Thursday, April 09, 2009

I'm All Tied Up!

It's a Surfin' Knots Blowout!

Surfin' Knots
Volumes 1-5

In thanks for some fine work by our long lost friend Sandy, we are bringing back his series of excellent surf comp, Surfin' Knots.

Just add water.
Thanks Sandy, whereever you are.


RonM said...

Sandy's a good mate of mine and one reason he has gone inactive is that guys such as you and daboss put up all the stuff he was thinking of posting.

He says thanks for keeping these comps alive.

Trustar said...

Thanks for passin' the word X. Let Sandy know he was the main inspiration of both myself and DaBoss.

Hope your riding a wave somewhere mate.


sandman said...

Hey lookie here:

Not riding anymore my friend. I had an accident involving getting hit in the back with my own surfboard when I was younger. It was a 9ft 6in long board so shows you how long ago it was.

No such thing as leg ropes in those days it would have snapped your ankle off.

I just stick to body surfing now and actually did have a little go a couple of weeks ago.

Trustar said...


Good to hear from you amigo. Also glad to hear that the re-post inspired you to take another crack at putting together another prime comp for us all. Can't wait to hear what you come up with.

Yeah, I had to learn to duck and cover myself. I have a 10' Infinity Noserider. When that beast starts to catapult back towards me, I'm diving for cover! Only minor knocks so far.(fingers crossed)

Thanks for checking in Sandy

Keep it wet


RYP said...

three or four years ago this series brought back to me the spirit of Surf Music!
Thanks Sandy, Xtabay, DaBoss & Trustar!

DaBoss said...

Ditto for me. Sandy's was the first blog I dicovered - as a referral from Phil Dirt's review of THESE comps that got me going - by then they were not available anymore. Sandy's links got the ball rolling. Thanks TRU for having and resurrecting these classics - they fill another hole in the infinite collection. Thanks to Ryp, Sandy, Xtabay,& Trustar you fed me with some GREAT music and inspired me to share my own.
Excited to hear about Sandy doing another comp. More choice cutz I'm sure. Maybe that will rev up the engines for Sandy and X to post some of that great Aussie surf that ain't readily seen over here ...

Cheers to all and hoist a few cold ones..

Thanks again from the new kid on the block.


sandman said...

Wow this a convention for the small but dedicated surf music fraternity.

I'm humbled if in some small way I inspired you dudes. You guys have given me some hard to find rarities it would be hard to locate here in oz.

Anyway keep on the lookout for some more sharity from yours truly. I'll see if I can dig up some Aussie stuff. Hope you find one or two things you don't already have.

Keep surfin'

Anonymous said...

Your friend Sandy needs to do research on quality mp3. 128 is for Kaaza and Limewire lovers. What a waste of time first putting up with that irritating RapidShare wait time, then downloading all the volumes, only to discover the quality is crap. Man, this site is not quality and will be commented on to warn other serious music fans every time it is encountered as a link in another blog. Have you and Sandy NO PRIDE in the quality of this site and the quality of music offered. No audiophile is going want this junk. I have just deleted all the volumes, except 6, which is the highest standard, Lame encoded.
See ya man, won't be back here since I now know I can't trust the quality.