Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hey Man! It's My Turn To Mow The Lawn!

Hawaii Samurai

The Shape Of Surf To Come

Mixture of surf-music, garage rock and punk rock for an explosive set consists of original compositions and different times and varied (from Link Wray Dead Kennedys, through the Tornadoes, Bobby Fuller, Dick Dale ...! ).
The training is composed of members of Second Rate, Munky Posse, Ronnie and the Rockets. They played with Dick Dale (USA), Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (USA), Sonny Vincent (USA), Custom Made Scare (USA), the Darlington (Usa), the Pipelines (Sweden), Neurotic Swingers, Hellsuckers, the Juanitos , Jerry Spider Gang, Weak, Hellbats, Chewbacca All Stars, Sparkling Bombs, Second Rate, the Hatepinks, Surfin 'Matadors, El Ray (Denmark), the Manikin (Sweden), Bikini Machine, Uncommonmenfrommars, Los Banditos (Germany), Leopaul Kraus (Germany) and many others ...

In 2003, release of their excellent debut album 'Let There Be Surf'.

In 2004 came out: 'The Octopus Incident?

After a series of tours including dates on their site, the group decided to separate, leaving us one last album 'The Shape Of Surf To Come', in November 2005.

A lot of tracks to listen / download on their website (new): Proud to be a cryptic surfer, Too drunk to surf, Batman revisited (super), La Bruta, Rumble, and so on. including the excellent 'Electric spiderman' which is not yet on an album (compilation only) in line with their second album or some tracks from the album (Surf 'n' Destroy, Astrocrypt Hellsurfer, etc.)..


1. Creeky Deepest tiki from the jungle of Gargula
2. Blastin 'days in honolulu
3. Surf militia
4. Dead in the saddle
5. Le demon du masque
6. Must Die Cheerleaders from outerspace
7. Hasta la vista baby
8. Buffy the vampire slayer
9. Danziacum memories
10. Teenage Mutant Ninja surfer
11. Macumba Love
12. Walk together, surfing together
13. Adam West vs the vampires



Hunter said...

I absolutely love this band and have been searching for ages to find a physical copy of one of their albums. Still no luck

One of their guitarists has a new band that I keep forgetting the name of. Also very good

Anonymous said...

Hunter! can still buy all 3 of them..since

i got mine from there too..

Yes! These are french sites.. but well..its a french band!..
and these records are worth the effort!


Oswaldo M said...

what a great band!!!

do yoy have something about "surf sluts"??

Trustar said...

Did someone say "Surf Sluts"?