Friday, February 20, 2009

Two, Two, Two Fish In One

The Halibuts
Halibut Beach & Gnarly!

A nice tw0-fer from The Halibuts. Dig it!

Starting in the early 80's, South Bay los Angeles' own Halibuts played instro surf music when it wasn't even hip. All but one of the members in the band surfed, unusual at the time as well. This cd contains their first two albums which includes some instro ska/surf tunes as well as tradition instro surf tunes. There is even a few vocals thrown in for fun. These albums are raw and energetic like their live shows and are great fun! One of their members is now in the band Los Straightjackets.

1 Mr. Mysterioso
2 Halibut Stomp
3 Jetstream
4 Little Old Ladies Seldom Cutback
5 Deathwave
6 Exodus 5-O
7 Malibu Run
8 Monster Surfing Time
9 Hanky Panky
10 Church Key
11 Surf Rider
12 Shorepound
13 Skinny Dip
14 40 Miles of Bad Surf
15 The Twomp
16 Centipede
17 Man from H.A.L.I.B.U.T.
18 Mambo Halibut
19 Batman
20 Got a Match
21 26 Miles
22 Rumble
23 Gnarly!


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much.
This is a real treat.

Anonymous said...

This is excellent post
I already own the 2nd Gnarly album LP
a masterpiece of surf-revival


RYP said...

Thanks a lot, T! I was looking for the two.

Have a nice weekend!

Brandonio! said...

Yeah I finally found a descent copy of this a few months back.I'm glad they got around to re-releasing these albums.Though neither is a good as the "Chumming"album,it's still good to hear how they sounded back in the 80's.

Trustar said...

Thanks all for dropping in and checking out the wares.

And thanks for the nice comments.
Always more to come.