Friday, February 20, 2009

Surf With An Exotica Floater

The Exotics
Go Go Guitar

It is in the tradition of the instrumental bands of the early 1960's that the Exotics' sound was born. Comprised of four young seasoned veterans of both the Chicago and Milwaukee music scenes, the experience these gentlemen have had in previous bands spans over ten years including many recordings and gigs. In 1995, based on the strength of their 7" single, Goofy Foot, the Exotics were able to tour much of the Midwest. These Shows included many well received appearances in Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee and a sold out billing with the King of surf guitar himself, Dick Dale. The Exotics were featured at several large, regional festivals as well including Milwaukee's internationally acclaimed Summerfest. In the spring of 1996, as the Exotics find themselves on the road in support of their full-length CD, the nation will find itself on the dance floor twistin' and shaggin' to their crazy beat. Picture an instrumental combo circa 1963 playing a crowded go-go party in a cocktail lounge or the soundtrack of any beach party or hot rod movie of that era, and you begin to get the idea. It is a style of music that never seems to go out of style and entertains everyone from the teenset on up to those who enjoyed it the first time around. The Exotics draw much inspiration from bands like The Ventures, Sandy Nelson, the Lively Ones and Link Wray who helped popularize the twangy, reverb drenched guitars that replaced vocals as the voice of the band. Extremely danceable material propelled by a rock steady backbeat with a sharp stage appearance make for an unstoppable rock n' roll a go-go show!

1 Prelude
2 Sandoway
3 Go Go Guitars
4 Lariat
5 Jetsetter
6 The Boppin' Bison
7 Taste Of Honey
8 Apache
9 Inter-Mission
10 Exotics' Twist
11 Casbah
12 Vila Nova
13 Diamond Head
14 Whittier Blvd
15 Gasser
16 Theme From An Exotic Dream


Brandonio! said...

These guys also toured with Southern Culture On The Skids supporting the Plastic Seat Sweat album.Some freinds and I partied with these guys,and the SCOTS after the show at a Red Roof Inn.Wow what a wild and crazy night that was.Rick was dancing up a storm that night.The booze was a flowing and the sauce was dripping.Good times indeed.It's a shame Exotics didn't make more albums.The members have however went on to join other bands,and are still active musicians in their communtity.

Trustar said...

Thanks for checking in B

Tryin' to keep the angry hoards happy!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that's cool that you have our album here. Especially since you can't get it legally anymore. The Exotics actually have shows set up for summer 09. We also have a "lost" cd that we are hoping to get out sometime soon. 9 never before released, relatively unheard Exotics tunes. Keep your fingers crossed.

J P Ziegler
The Exotics
Milwaukee WI

Trustar said...


Thanks for dropping the note. Looking forward to the "Mystery Album". If I can do anything to help promote it's release please let me know.

There are many folks that are still fans out here.