Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Always Keep A Plunger Handy

The Plungers

Guitars Gone Wild


To compliment Curty Ray's Hodad Heaven post of The Plunger's Surf Americana (check in the Friends That Rock section on the sidebar). Always tastey tunes to enjoy there.

The Plungers have to rank as the most prolific band on the surf scene, releasing two CDs of killer originals in 2003. And as good as Land of a Thousand Surf Guitars was, it's followup, Guitars Gone Wild, ups the ante, with 21 instrumentals - each more evocative than the one before. Not an easy feat. The septet (which grew out of a University of Oklahoma combo called The Sperm Counts, who dressed up in Dracula outfits) features dual lead guitars, rhythm guitar , bass, Fender bass VI, baritone (sometimeselectric 12 string) and drums. This multi-layered approach sets The Plungers apart from any instro-surf band on the scene today , or probably ever.The staccato, reverb-drenched "Takin' The Plunge" is reminiscent of the Astronauts, while "Ridin' Tall" sounds like vintage Shadows, and you can guess the influence behind "Link". "Spring Break" (you've got to love a band that names songs after its outboard reverb tank) exhibits the type of melodic sense that marks ex-Belair Paul Johnson's recent solo work. And the swirling "Mondo A Go Go" is as intricate as anything by Laika & The Cosmonauts.The songs are all group collaborations, and the members also shared production duties. Amazingly, with everything that's going on (with additional percussion on most tracks and Terry "Buffalo" Ware's slide for good measure on "Surfcracker") the sound never turns to mud. - Dan Forte


1 Beachnik
2 Lone Shark
3 Takin' the Plunge
4 Rattled
5 Spring Break
6 Ridin' Tall
7 Mai Tai
8 Jacked
9 Mondo a Go Go
10 Flashpoint
11 Hanalei Hoedown
12 First Date
13 Castaway
14 Oahu
15 Meet Mr. Mod
16 Link
17 Riviera
18 Propellor
19 Surfcracker
20 Free Board
21 Adrift