Monday, March 10, 2008

Where All The Cool and Un-Cool People Will Be

Date & Time:
Saturday, March 15, 2008 - Saturday, April 5, 2008

SurfBEAT group art show!

Don't miss this EPIC group art show that will feature original artwork from over 70 prominent SURF, HOTROD, TIKI and other "outsider" artists. The show opens MARCH 15 at The Light Gallery in Costa Mesa. Please check out the flyer below and watch for show updates at of the amazing group of surf, outsider and tiki artists who have committed so far: The Pizz, Rick Reitveld, Jeral Tidwell, Drew Brophy, John Bell, Candy, Miles Thompson, Damian, BigToe, Mr.G, Doug Dorr, Grimb, Steve Caballero, Ken Ruzic, Dave Lozeau, Bamboo Ben, Fudemae, Max Grundy, Aaron Kraten, Fudemae, Squindo, James Mcleod, Keith Ciarmello, The mysterious 13:11, Dirk Hays, Buddy June, Crazy Al, Scott Aicher, Chongolio, Doug Horne, Atomic Kitty, Justin Barry, Chainsaw Chuck Majewski, Von Poot, Dale Sizer, Nik Scarlett, Dark Vomit, Paul Torres, Joe Vitale, Bob Penuelas, Augie pagan, Mike Sosnowski, Tiki ray, TV-1, E.T.7, Link David, Brian Vivieros and many more talented artists from all over the globe! The collision of artwork featuring surfing and hotrod cultural influences may seem like a recipe for disaster. But in the case of SurfBEAT, the Light Gallery in Costa Mesa is putting together a tasty occular feast sure to please the most discriminating devotees of "outsider art". Surfing and hotrod cultures, along with fascination with the decadent psuedo-polynesian tiki culture, all blossomed in the 50s, when hipster baby boomers explored their sense of individuality and rebellion. They offer in common today, as they did then, a haven for outsiders, folks disenchanted with the promise of main-stream media and the American Dream. In the art world, the academic and traditional gallery communities have been slow to warm to the allure of the art produced by these outsiders. Artwork inspired by surfing, hotrods and tikis, in all its forms, revels in It's representational depiction of familiar cultural icons of the "wrong side of the tracks". This aesthetic has been shunned by the leaders of the "high-brow" art world. SurfBEAT features a broad cross-section of what is collectively referred to as "lowbrow" artists. From world-renowned to local heroes: Surf artists, Animators, Hotrod air-brushers, tattoo artists, skateboard artists, concert poster illustrators, tiki carvers, pin-up photographers and sundry ne'er-do-well artists converge in a celebration of decadence sure to titillate and amuse all but the most puritanical pillars of the community. The show opens MARCH 15 at The Light Gallery in Costa Mesa. Please check out the flyer below and watch for show updates at theLightGallery 440 e.17th st costa mesa 92627


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad... all the cool Partys are on the other side of the world...
My home is 10000km (6220mls) and about 3000$ away

Brandonio! said...

I'am so damn jealous.This event is so ME!!!This is a reminder to me that I hate living in Indiana.I should have stayed back in 93 I guess. I myself am somewhat of a tiki artist and it really really pains me to see this part of my life passing me by. I would feel at home with the hot rod tiki culture that California offers. Your so damn Lucky Trustar you don't even know it. Well maybe you do, just don't ever take it for granted my friend. Damn I so Jealous !!! If you take pictures do share on the site my friend. Have a good time.

Most people here don't even know what a Tiki is.

Milmascaras said...

Thank you, Trustar, for the headsup. Hopefully I'll see you there!