Saturday, March 08, 2008

Viva Los Locos!

Locos Instrumentales Around The World

25 bands representing 13 countries with wild loco surf tunes.

1. EL RAY (Denmark) "The Spider"

2. THE METALUNAS (Canadá) "rod's brain"

3. TIJUANA BIBLES (Canadá) "Mexican Courage"

4. ANACONDAS (Nederlands) "Juanita"

5. LOST ACAPULCO (México) "Las Calaveras de Justicio"

6. LOS WALKYSONS (Spain) "Jinete sin Cabeza"

7. THE NEBULAS (USA) "Mandalore"

8. SURF REPORT (USA) "Bluff Failure"

9. SR. MR. BIKINI (México) "Santo Had a Hot Rod"

10. LOS TWANGERS (México) "Calypso Voodoo"

11. THE BRILLANTINA´S (Spain) "Klezmeil Queen of Swamp"

12. SURF PATROUILLE (Germany) "Slotcar Racer"

13. ANTONIO FARGAS (Spain) "Bela's Theme (I never drink wine"

14. ROCK-A-HULAS (Spain) "El Cruncho"

15. THE MUTANTS (Finland) "Timba Am Gaya"

16. COCKTAIL PREACHERS (USA) "Highball Holyday"

17. RAY DAYTONA AND GOOGOOBOMBOS (Italy) "Weird on the Moon"

18. CHEWBACCA´S (Spain) "5000 miles away from Digit Zero"

19. FIFTY FOOT COMBO (Belgium) "TripleXpresso"

20. THE BIKINI MEN (France) "Invation of…"

21. LOS PLANTRONICS (Noruega) "Signor Link"

22. COFFIN DAGGERS (USA) "Moondawg"

23. ROBERT AND THE ROBOTERS (Germany) "Jutta Aus Kalkutta"

24. URBAN SURF KINGS (Canadá) "7 Veils A Go Go"

25. BITCH BOYS (Slovenia) "Suez Canal Affair"


Zyco Drone said...

Great,great,great compilation...much spaghetti in there...fantastic one...thank you!!