Thursday, March 20, 2008


Sea Horse
Mr. Longboard

Sea Horse is Marty Meyer performing all original instrumentals. Marty's classic surf rock tunes are the foundation followed by his own style of spaghetti-western. Various cuts include roots rock, heavy metal, Cajun-Zydeco and even a waltz ballad on this album.Although Marty likes different styles and tempos in his compositions, the melodies always stand out. Whether the guitar sound is tremelo, reverb-drenched or overdriven, the tunes and arrangements are killer.So go for a Pony Ride with your Weekend Honey on your Spitfire and dream of Baja Noches. Follow Coast Highway down to Trestles where you'll meet The Spider Man. Catch Skimboard Fever and hum a Sea Shanty at the Dolphin Rodeo. Now, whatever you do, don't let a Metal Man Flim-Flam you or get ticket scalped by a Mohican while you're dancing tothe Zydeco Boogie. And for surfin' sakes, don't forget your "Mr. Longboard", CD that is!!!

1 Mr. Longboard
2 Spitfire
3 Skimboard Fever
4 Flim Flam
5 Zydeco Boogie
6 Coast Highway
7 Mohican
8 Sea Shanty
9 Trestles
10 Metal Man
11 Weekend Honey
12 Pony Ride
13 Dolphin Rodeo
14 Baja Noches
15 The Spider Man