Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Vivo o SurfMotherFuckers!


Ao Vivo Na Obra

Thesurfmotherfuckers: surf rock. Also jokes, punk rock, bits of electronic programming and samplings here and there. An idea that took shape in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) at the end of 1996 inspired by the reappearance of surf music in the music scene as a result of the enourmous success achieved by Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction and its soundtrack. Since its first concert in 1997, the band has been constantly contributing to the surf music scene in the city. It has played innumerous concerts including all the Primeiro Campeonato Mineiro de Surfe, (probably the most important Surf Music Festival in Brazil) and Copa Belo Horizonte de Psycho Surf (besides a number of other events that took place in A Obra, the city´s most receptive bar for indie bands). They also opened for Man or Astroman? (the band´s biggest influence) in Belo Horizonte. Other bands that influence them are: Reverend Horton Heat, Dead Kennedys, Henry Mancini, The Cramps, B52´s, Ramones, The Cure, Delta 72, plus classic and modern surf music (The Lively Ones and Los Straitjackets are examples).thesurfmotherfuckers has released one EP in 2003 and features in a Supertones tribute album produced by Golly Gee Records.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Trustar :).
My collection of surf guitar albums is getting bigger - it was 0 before I found your blog, I´m really hooked on this :).
You used to put some very nice jazz albums as well, Bud Shank and B.Hollyday. Keep it up, I trust your taste for my music library.Thanks

Suat FIlmes said...

great great band, i wish i´d seen them live.
is there any more cds from this guys?

A.M. said...

Guh-rate!Thanks a lot!