Sunday, April 01, 2007


Ativar Retrofoguetes


Inspired by literature, films and science fiction comic books, the instrumental surf-music trio formed by Moroto Slim (guitar), CH (bass) and Rex (drums), have great influence of psychobilly, rockabilly, polka, traditional mexican music, bolero and valse all put together to sound like a powerfull soundtrack. Retrofoguetes started in 2002 at Salvador, Brazil. Since then they have peformed at the greatest festivals around the country what has contribute to affirm them as a very well known indie band. After recording their demo Protótipo de Demonstração nº 1 produced by andré t. and Nancyta, Retrofoguetes have been part of many rock collections like Surf Rock (Deck Music), Reverb Brasil (indie), Monstro Hits and a tribute to Ultraje a Rigor (both Monstro Discos). Their first albun, Ativar Retrofoguetes! (2003, Monstro Discos), also produced by andre t. and Nancyta, has 18 original tracks and a version of Johnny Soko and his Giant Robot Theme. Ativar Retrofoguetes! was nominated as best intrumental albun at the Claro Music Awards 2004.


Anonymous said...

quality stuff isn't it.. i'm already looking to hear more from them. thanks for the guiding light Trustar!