Tuesday, March 06, 2012

With A Rocket Or At Least A Bullit

Actung Rakete



@320 w/3% Recovery

Served by Teisco del Mar

First of all, ACHTUNG RAKETE loves you!!! POWER SURF is the top new brand of the ACHTUNG RAKETE Music Group. It contains tight beats, tough rhythms and emotional guitars spilling blood and soul. The 4 guys got a feeling for electrocute music, which cries out from a heart full of love and stomps with force and pressure! Let them take you to the place where spies get beat, surf and rock gets rolled and where garage doors are gaping wide open. So you better get up, get hip, get cool with the magnificent sound of the ACHTUNG RAKETE Music Group. Call it straight rockin sound! Call it POWER SURF!


GSD said...

excellent stuff, amigo
I really enjoyed when it was came out in the 10'' vinyl