Wednesday, March 07, 2012

I'm Sure You Know Where Your Children Are Tonight

My two grandchildren (15 and 14) clued the ol' man about this issue this morning. Kidnapping, rape, murder, and torture of children in Uganda and other nearby African countries.

The situation is not new but the methods and technology that are being used for this awareness campaign utilizes tools that the younger generation can utilize and act on. It might seem to some like a big giant "sad story of the week" but I think it should be looked upon as a new avenue to have voices heard. Remember, if the politicians can use technology to get us to vote for them, we have the ability to turn that technology to let them know how the people feel when we see atrocities like this.

Please watch this video, stop a moment and think about it, and share it with someone you love. I was totally unaware this morning. Those that I love opened my eyes along with my heart.


Oro said...

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SilentWay said...

Thank you for sharing this.


Alan Rudy said...

This is funded and made by folks in support of a government that used the same tactics as Kony to gain power and have since that time sought to impose homophobic legislation that will jail, if not allow the government to kill homosexuals. Furthermore, Kony's influence has waned to the point of ineffectiveness over the last five more more years and this really feels like a bizarre appeal for us to send our military into another country for ideological rather than national security reasons. Why the US would want to align itself with this government is beyond me and how we could fail to learn the lessons of the last 100 years with respect to unnecessary military adventurism is beyond me as well.

davidwolfsonnc said...

interesting reading this:

not to mention how discredited russell has been in the meantime. getting this to be viral is nothing but sheer cynicism, sorry to say, and has done a disservice to activism all over, let alone for african causes