Wednesday, July 27, 2011

He's Always One-Upping Things

Hangin 11
Surf Comp
GSD (Greek Surf Demon)
Yes, he's at it again. Always going one step futher, GSD had put together another fine compilation of some of the finest surf tunage our ears can handle. Let these tunes help you ride out your summer. Myself, I am taking off to Europe and the Mediterranean to meet up with GSD in Athens and share an uzo together. We'll return sunbaked with many stories to tell at the end of August.
01 Aqualads - Washout
02 Lost Acapulco - Malaga Storm
03 The Coffin Daggars - Bongo Pass
04 The Tomorrow Men - Mobius Transformation
05 The Secret Samurai - The Khazar
06 Los Venturas - Pumpin'
07 Long Boards - Skateboarding
08 Hella Vader - The Red Triangle
09 Razorblades - Ready For Some Action
10 Aloha Screwdriver - Tin Star Head Wound
11 The Reverb Syndicate - Last Train To Death Valley Junction
12 El Supernaut - Ode To Mr Lee & Mr Harris
13 Messer Chups - Aquanatic Business
14 Chalk Dinosaur - Fish Bone
15 Surflamingo - Las Campanillas Diabolicas
16 Lava Pups - Lava Tube
17 The Phantomatics - Hearse Surfin'
18 Ray Daytona & The Googoobombos - Mojito Lounge
19 Pavlov's Woody - Island Sand
20 The Agamemnonz - Apollo

Get this fine comp here:


Krle said...

Hey man,

Good to have you back, there was a pause a few months ago. Hope this means you’ll be posting more often in the future.

Everything I know about good surf music I learnt on this blog. Forever grateful subscriber, keep it up!

Milos from Serbia

teisco said...

Have a good time in Greece, Trustar ..and give GSD a big hug from me.