Thursday, July 28, 2011

Viva La Fuzz! Again

Fenomeno Fuzz
Martinis & Bikinis
Re-upped from 2007

Brought to today by Dr Charles

by Drago Bonacich
Mexican ska-punk act Fenómeno Fuzz was formed after heavy metal band la Frustración broke up by the end of the '90s. Known by their nicknames, the band's initial lineup was guitarist Fish, bassist PamF, drummer Tom, guitarist Andy, and singer Biani. To promote the release of Contrarevolución Ave., the group started playing around Mexico City along with Sor Juana and Mexican Jumping Frijoles. In March of 1999, Fenómeno Fuzz started opening for bands such as Lost Acapulco and los Esquizitos.

1 Buen Viaje Fantasma

2 La Noche De La Barracuda

3 Chiquilladas

4 El Beach Boy

5 28

6 Tiki Twist

7 Sirena

8 Mambo En Mocambo

9 Paradiso

10 El Bikini De La Chica Popof

11 El Extrano Caso D


Dennis said...

I'll comment and say seriously (which is not the way I talk ususally) that this is a great meld of classic echo surf guitar and electronica beeps and boops, not cheesey, but just right like a perfect babyback rib dry rub, or like Jamaica jerk chicken... you know what I'm sayin, the kinda speecy spicey that makes a lager linger less longer... make that a six-pack, bartenderess... she's very tender, I must say.
Damn, some insane uptempo espanol too, that's a good trend, here in NC it's the second language in a country that don't have nun... but it is. Hola, muchco gusto, todos de ustedes hipsterio homies...

dionision de nc en usa
unit tidos de estadios norte carlolinas... sabe?

Trustar said...

Good to see someone checking in from the NC area. Another one for the S3 (Southern Surf Syndicate)

Thanks Dennis