Sunday, November 28, 2010

Get A Load Of These Mullets!

The Mullet Monster Mafia

Power Surf Orchestra

A little gift I received from the band to share with you all.

Phil says...

If you like The O'Hara's at all, you'll like this. It's loud, intense, dark, and the rock solid dangerous surf is complimented with trumpet. The Mullet Monster Mafia's music is not melodic, but the power and menacing are so strong that you might well not care about that.

The Wallrider
Surf (Instrumental)

Dark double picked stereo delay enhanced guitar, raw trumpet, and a solid surf beat and bass carry off a shore grinder. "The Wallrider" is not very melodic, but it has lots of danger.

Surf (Instrumental)

Grumbly bass, grand stereo chop chords, harmonic chords, chants, dark glissandos, and solid drums and subliminal bass combine with trumpet for a large and dangerous track. "Swamp" is riff based, not really melodic, but is without a doubt loud and dominating, and some of the muted fills are just superb!

Sinister People Secrets
Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked intense, with big drums attitude, and grumbling danger. The relentless power and energy will wear you out! Punky, but more surf than spunk! The trumpet creates an avant gard feeling. Great drums!

Surf (Instrumental)

"Freshwater" is a slower number, but certainly not a less powerful or loud one. Two guitars compliment each other, trumpet flatters the song, and the drums and bass are strong and hit hard. Cool track!

Get it HERE


RYP said...

Thanks Trustar & the Mafia!
"short and painless" as we say in Germany, love it.


neonboy said...