Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's A Bikini World I'm Livin' In Re-up Again

Bikini World


For the Eekster!

Can't get enough of these surf comps! Bikini World is especially hip as it includes a passel of artists that usually avoid the hi-fi world of the compact disc, including Phantom Surfers, Untamed Youth, and the Trashwomen, as well as a bunch of bands I'd never heard of like The Royal Knightmares, The Hillbilly Soul Surfers, and Sir Bald Diddley & his Hounourable Right Big Wigs (well, that's how they spell it). As a collection, it's uniformly hot spit, especially Untamed Youth's blow torch summer epic, "Tube City" and the painfully-punned "Surfs You Right" by Finland's finest, Laika & the Cosmonauts. "Scalpin' Party" by Jackie & the Cedrics has some of the most percolating percussion I've ever encountered, but, disappointingly, they just fade out instead of come up with a proper ending. "XKE!" from Seattle's own Boss Martians, is, as you might expect, eerie and extradimensionally cool. You may think you've heard this stuff a million times, but we both know that's not enough. Gnarly. --John Chandler

1 Sloth in Molasses Phantom Surfers
2 Aphrodesia Trashwomen
3 Tube City Untamed Youth
4 Rumors of Surf Southern Culture On The Skids
5 It's a Bikini World Boardwalkers
6 Surfs You Right Laika & The Cosmonauts
7 The Hipster Royal Nightmares
8 Scalping Party Jackie & the Cedrics
9 Xke! Boss Martians
10 Surfer's Deal Daytonas
11 Renegade Hillbilly Soul Surfers
12 Fathomless Fathoms
13 Calhoun Surf Los Straitjackets
14 Time Bomb Bomboras
15 Chaeto Sir Bald Diddley & His Honourable Big

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juanitomaniaco said...

hi,would you please upload this album again? the link is broken,thanks bye

ronald33 said...

Still looking for "fair use" situations of exotic steel guitar or video...can be
country-western or Hawaiian.

Still looking for Coral album by
Frank Sorrell (The Magic Sounds of Frank Sorrell and His Four Guitars")