Sunday, October 03, 2010

You Can't Do It Without Your Fez On

The Surfside IV

Ballad of the TIKI


At a mod 320 w/ 3% recovery

The Surfside IV are: T-Ray (guitar), Cap'n Tubesock (guitar), Nilla (bass), and Scotty Bravo (drums).

Killer instrumental surf sounds from Phoenix, Arizona...hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean. Fueled by a love of a Fender guitar drenched in spring reverb and the big surf beat (and perhaps a mai-tai or two), we don our fezzes and salute the lost art of playing real music with real instruments. See you at our next show!

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Brandonio! said...

Good post Trustar! Glad to see your up,and running again!

The said...

Howdy Trustar. You can do it without your fez on, it is just not nearly as fun!

Here is another video from that gig:

Cheers! - SSIV

hotrodmike said...

These guys are pretty good. Thanks a lot for making me aware of them.

neonboy said...

Crazy Fourtet

you have a great blog man !