Friday, October 08, 2010

To The Moon Alice!

Nova Surfer
Nova Surfer
Ripped @ 128

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Nova Surfer brings you SurfRock, Sci-Fi, Riddles and Two-Steps of the loud and short kind.
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Brandonio! said...

Hey buddy I forgot to mention how much I really love this record.I can't believe nobody knows about this band,but that could be because there is very little info to be found.I hope this cats make another record.
Hey while I have your attention,I was wondering if you so happen to have Davie Allan and the Arrows "Moving Right Along" and "Retrophonic" albums? If so, could you give me a hook up via email?

Trustar said...

Hey B

Thanks for the note.
Hopefully this one will help get the word out on these guys.

A big negatory on the Davie Allan though. Maybe someone out there will help us both out.