Sunday, February 10, 2008

Look What Just Came Up

The Surf Kings
Up From The Depths

"Up From The Depths" is our first CD containing 13 songs, all are originals with the exception of 3 songs re-recorded from Tom Stantons infamous surf combo from the early 60's the Crossfires. This is a great CD which has earned them rave reviews and international attention including 3 European Tours. Eight song from this CD were used in Rock Doyles beautiful surf film "Native State". Robin Bergs surf movie "North Shores Stories" used this CD extensively in his production. Bluetorch / Fox Sports Net used Songs from this CD in 5 of it's T Productions. Other video productions like game instructional video, PBS and local broadcasting, and surf video's, used this CD. and on the airwaves this impressive CD continues to get extensive airplay from independent, collage and Internet radio stations all over the US and the world. Johnny Deadman in London said it best..."it sounded like the universe was exploding around my head, it was the Surf Kings!"

1. Out of Control
2. South Swell
3. J-Bay
4. Tears of the Dolphin
5. Gypsy Soul
6. Pull Top
7. Road to Mundaka
8. Cloudbreak
9. Bury the Rat
10. Fiberglass Jungle
11. Undertow
12. Island Dreams
13. Foam


Brandonio! said...

I freakin' love the new lay out.Super cool!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great new L@@k, Tru!

and thanx alot for the rest of hellbound hayride. Great music to clean apartments by ;)
btw- you included some covers from hypnomen[Andromeda] there, instead of the hellb.hayr. - a sneak preview? If that's gonna be one of the next posts, I can hardly wait...


ps I don't miss the artwork, still got it from the first post...