Friday, February 15, 2008

We Gotz Some New Duds!

Thought we needed a new look over here so I played a bit last night.

So far I have 2 big "thumbs up" from Brandonio and chilipalmer.

Thanks for the comments fellas

I still need to add back a few things from the old layout, or maybe not...

Did anyone really check out the Tunage Box? The program does not give me a hit count of it so I have no idea if anyone was using it.

Let me know if you'd like to see it back or just leave it as a fond memory.

Have a great weekend. Gonna tear up some Mother Nature out in the desert. It usually ends up that she tears me up!


Anonymous said...

Trustar vibes never looked posher, I like it!

That dashed gizmo "The Tunage box" tends to freeze all browser buttons until completely loaded.

"Mustn't grumble" Trustar Vibatrations a great place to hangout as ever!

Al Zombie :>}

Dgrador said...

Wow, I can see the bottom of the pool now, instead of all that green algae... thumbs up!

As far as the player, I usually have yesterday's downloads going as I read through my fave blogs. More of a pain getting the page loaded.
But that's just me.

Brandonio! said...

I concur about the tuneage box thingee. I 'am usually listening to music already. I have to admit i hate it when sites have music playing on there site.If i want to hear there music of choice i'll download it. I also noticed it stalled the page load up since you added it. Over all Trustar I think the new look is pretty stellar. I'm actually kinda jealous . The whole tropical/tiki vibe is so up my alley. We're actually thinking about tweaking our site as well. Well enjoy your stay in the desert.

RYP said...

cool layout! page is loading much faster than the old one (Safari and Firefox)

DaBoss said...

Great new look - much nicer and very suave. Has a good vibe. Didn't like the player - agree with Al. Looks like a winner, goes well with the posts.