Friday, June 22, 2007

Fly Up!!

The Surf Coasters

Fly Up!! Best Of The Surf Coasters Vol 1


What should I find in my mailbox this morning but a juicy gift from me ol' Uncle Malc. What a way to start the day.



The Surf Coasters were formed in 1994 by Shigeo Naka in Tokyo, Japan. Their first appearances were on a "Star Search" type TV show which they won by playing their version of Dick Dale's Pulp Fiction hit" Misirlou". Since then, they have released more than 20 CDs for the Columbia, BMG, and Victor labels, with many appearances on film soundtracks and video games and constant touring in Japan. In 1995, rock guitar legend Dick Dale, known as the King of the Surf Guitar, visited Japan and played shows with The Surf Coasters. He proclaimed Shigeo Naka to be The Prince of the Surf Guitar. Shigeo Naka is a guitar prodigy with amazing fretboard ability. His love is for the twangy, reverbed tones of American surf music, and many Surf Coasters CDs feature reworkings of famed surf songs from the 60s alongside their more orignal material. Live, the Surf Coasters command the stage with an athletic stage presence and a crunchy and fast surf instrumentals.

1. Tsunami Struck
2. The Clash
3. Fly Up
4. Shark Attack
5. Intruder
6. Bike Men
7. Dolphins (Live On TV)
8. Chasing Shadows
9. Waste Land
10. Typhoon Swell
11. Rampage
12. Death Rage 2000
13. Sea Knows
14. Bitter Sweet Samba
15. Tally-Ho
16. Astral Circle
17. Free Fall
18. Start Inaction
19. Last Train
20. Satisfy
21. Linda
22. Wild Cherry
23. Guts (Live)
24. Beach Monster (Live)
25. Rock Dance (Live)
26. Misirlou (Live)


Anonymous said...

I love the surf coasters they are such a underrated surf band . they are certainly one of the best out there.they really feel it. sadly i heard they have quit making music. let's all hope not Ivan Pongracic introduced them to me around 98 or 99 and i've been looking for everything the surf coasters have released. thanks again. BRANDONIO!

Anonymous said...

More!! More!! Surf Coasters Rule!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great post! Love all types of surf and twang and these guys really rate. You are one of my favorite blogs and I can't wait to see what's next. Keep on keepin' on.

Jobove - Reus said...

muy buen blog, en el nuestro tambien se habla de blues, si quieres pasarte, gracias

RYP said...

funny cover, great surf stuff by those clever Japanese!
thanx Trustar

Mredondo said...

Great post!!!

Thanks a lot for this one!! Please feel free to re-post any of my albums from my blog. I'm no blog Diva!!

Best regards,

Al Hogar said...

Um, can anybody find that cover art in a decent resolution?

Love uv gawd.

A.M. said...

Very very good!Thanks a lot!