Wednesday, June 20, 2007

To Celebrate The First Day Of Summer

Wax, Board & Woodie - Rare & Unreleased Surf & Hot Rod Songs


Brought to you by Teisco

by Cub Koda
Subtitled "a collection of rare and unreleased surf and hot rod songs," this 14-track compilation hits the intended target in a big way. Culling its contents primarily from the MCA/Dot Records vaults, one of the big tickets here is a bone-chilling unreleased moment when we hear the Surfaris attempting to take on the Rolling Stones with their swipe at "Route 66," way cooler than it sounds. A couple of silly but great fun anyway P.F. Sloan sides, including a unreleased sloppy-as-hell song demo, compliment one-off instrumentals like "El Gato" by the Chandelles and "Tremble" by the Galaxies. And in true Dot Records tradition (the label that made their rep inflicting Pat Boone on an unsuspecting world) there's even a "cover" version on here by a Milt Rogers of Dick Dale's "Let's Go Trippin'"!! Not the most essential set of tunes, but one hell of a fun compilation.
13 Moonshot Kenny & The Fiends
14 Dragon Lady Phil Sloan & the Fantastic Baggys


A.M. said...

Thanks a lot! Great sampler!