Sunday, February 15, 2015

Poppin' in for a peek


I truly tried to get off my duff and begin posting again but once again found myself in the TwilightZone. (not @ rideyourpony though)

Through some travels to exotic lands and ones closer to home we have managed to both maintain a sense of order and get out of a few other ruts. I'll try to stay a little more active here with postings if I can.

The ears are always on though and there has been exceptional sounds out there.

So lets get on with the show!!


RYP said...

Hello Trustar,
big surprise to see you again this morning!
Surf's up!


zillagord said...

Welcome back! Been a while, we need to correspond a bit!

Trustar said...

Will catch up on e.

Trustar said...

Will catch up on e.