Sunday, March 17, 2013

Don't Fuck With Joe

This tasty gem come to us from the folks down south....way south - Brisbane Australia. The group's called The Blackwater Fever and this tune is from their new album, The Depths due to drop for all this coming week.

Here's what they say about that:

When you have critical acclaim, two successful albums, played festivals like Big Day Out, Bluesfest and Peats Ridge and opened for the likes of The Black Keys, Tame Impala, Birds of Tokyo, Jon Spencer and Violent Soho, how do you set yourself the next challenge?

 For The Blackwater Fever, the answer is that you take the production reins of your third album The Depths, spending almost a year evolving your sound and songwriting in ways only time and commitment will allow you to explore. Already known for their dark and brooding, yet hard-hitting sound, The Depths delivers on the promise of the band's previous releases, melting an even more diverse genre pool into their trademark garage blues sound.

 "The Depths is our best release yet and the first we have made entirely under our own steam. It was a huge learning curve with much trial and error but in the end I think the result has vividly realised our ideas and vision. This is how we will make albums from now on."
 - Shane Hicks (Vocals/Guitar)

 The 14 tracks journey through blues, soul, trip-hop, story telling, instrumental and rock n' rock, all forged together with their unique, dark, atmospheric sound. The album also marks the duo becoming a three piece, bringing bass and organ into the fold.

The Blackwater Fever have considerable radio airplay to their name with Triple J, Triple R, PBS and internationally in the USA and Europe. Their music has featured on the HBO and ABC television networks and been the soundtrack for various ad campaigns and Australian feature films, The Tunnel and The Crossing.

The Depths is instore and online through MGM Distribution on March 22, 2013.

I think you'll dig it the most.