Tuesday, June 29, 2010

From The Land of Zilla!

If the Land of Misfit Toys elected a team of cultural ambassadors, Logan Lynn would be its poet laureate. In Portland, Oregon’s pulsating indie music scene, he occupies a singular position: an emo prophet with a penchant for electronic beats, preaching the Good Word to drug-damaged crybabies and unemployed, bearded yuppies.

Interestingly, Logan Lynn’s musical roots extend back to his grandmother, LaVanda Mae Fielder – a piano and vocal instructor, whose students included a young man by the name of Johnny Cash. Logan Lynn’s unavoidable folk music DNA, combined with his passion for dance music, weave together an undeniably innovative approach to songwriting.

Lynn initially generated buzz with his first two full length albums, particularly in the LGBT communities of Portland, San Francisco, and New York City. However, his vast appeal was truly recognized with the release of his 2007 Feed Me To The Wolves EP, the title track of which was popular on MTV’s Logo Channel. The EP also quickly captured the attention of The Dandy Warhols frontman, Courtney Taylor-Taylor, who immediately signed him to The Dandy Warhols’ label, Beat The World Records.

Early reviews of From Pillar To Post, Lynn’s upcoming release on Beat The World Records, has drawn wide comparisons, ranging from The Postal Service to M83, Lykke Li, Cut Copy, Ladytron, Goldfrapp, and even indie rockers, Metric. URB Magazine proclaimed, “Sonically adventurous, yet possessing the pop sensibilities that lesser artists would forsake in the name of artsiness, Lynn is set to become the new golden boy of sensitive electro-pop.”


6.27 – Seattle, WA – The Cuff Pride Street Party

7.13 – San Francisco, CA – Rockit Room with Special Guests The Hugs (Portland, OR) & Little Black Bats (Sacramento, CA)

7.14 – Sacramento, CA – Blue Lamp with Special Guests The Hugs (Portland, OR) & Little Black Bats (Sacramento, CA)

8.6 – Salem, OR – Flipside Nightclub

8.20 – Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios




zillagord said...

Portland is just exploding with great bands right now! I have yet to catch this act, thanks for the alert.

Hope you have been well. Have a great 4th of July!