Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Rub- A-Dub-Dub

Box of Dub
"Dubstep And Future Dub"
Cred-heavy London imprint Soul Jazz Records presents a compilation of exclusive tracks trailed as Future Dub and Dubstep from key artists associated with a largely UK-based scene. Big punchers such as Skream, Scuba, Digital Mystikz, Kode 9 are assembled, as well as Sunday supplement crossover it-boy, Burial. Channeling the future sound of South London boroughs, Box of Dub seems to set out to draw more clearly the links between contemporary Dubstep producers and their pioneering precursors - early dub explorers such as King Tubby and Scientist. Judged in terms of the degree of innovation or "futurity" manifested by these contributors, the results are mixed, though overall the material represents a decent overview of various trajectories within the sphere of dub-derived electronic listening music.

1. Digital Mystikz – I Wait
2. Haze and Ho feat. Paul St. Hilaire – The Light
3. Skream – Dub Island
4. Tayo and Acid Rockers Uptown – Dread Cowboy
5. Scuba – Subaqueous
6. Kode 9 – Magnetic City
7. Haze and Ho feat Paul St. Hilaire – Rise Up
8. Burial – Unite
9. Digital Mystikz – Guilty
10. King Midas Sound – Surround Me
11. Skream – Irie
12. Scuba - Respirator


vita lite said...

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Keep up the great work

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Trustar said...

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Folk, do try to take a scooter trip down some very interesting musical paths at Scootz "n" Bootz (Check in the sidebar). I always find something that I didn't know I wanted there.

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Jorge said...

I don't come often. But when I do, there's always good stuff to discover.
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