Sunday, September 01, 2013

Shake It, Don't Break It Again!


Black Market Audio

For three years Bert Taken and Arjo van Loo of Black Market Audio worked on their second album ‘SHAKE!’. The result: 14 songs and 6 interludes that sound like TV-tunes, like pop songs that take the listener by a time-warp through time and space or like a soundtrack for a true Tupperware party. Their main motto is: ‘The sexiest words are those without meaning! Just sing along!’

With ‘SHAKE!’, the long expected sequel of their successful debut album Autorama, the guys finish the album they have been missing for a long time in their record collection. A cocktail (shaken!, not stirred) made according to the reliable and unique Black Market Audio-recipe: Yeh-yeh beats, Hammond-driven grooves, kinky schlager melodies, topped with tropical fruits from Tiki-Bongo land with some surprising twists of homage to Dutch Pop history.

Meanwhile the Band has not been idle. Bert and Arjo were the initiators of the compilation CD ‘Dutch Rare Groove’, released in 2005. While searching for rare and special music in archives and cellars they found hardly known vintage soul and funk jewels in the Dutch pop history. Together with funkjournalist Sjeng Stokkink they compiled a CD with 23 originals. Labelpartners C-Mon & Kypski made an additional cd with 11 contemporary interpretations. This 2cd is still selling well worldwide.

It is no surprise that their music is also doing well in the movie world. The music appeared in the Disney film trailer of ‘The Ice Princes’ and was in the final pitch of Austin Powers ‘Goldmember’, ‘Charlies Angels’ and ‘The Italian Job’.
Black Market Audio thinks making happy music is serious business. Whether it’s funk, disco or skank, it swings, grooves and pops in every way. The duo describes their music as "dance-classics, lounge, pop, big beat, easy tune, jazz, exotica, rare groove, skank, psychedelica, mood music, triphop, soundtracks and top 40". Well, gimme another cocktail like that!



01 Waikiki Secret Service
02 Black Marketing
03 Our Consumer World
04 Gimme That Thang
05 Jetzt Geht's Los
06 Do you like Oscar Harris?
07 Well Allright
08 A Succesfull Party
09 Cha Cha
10 Shake!
11 Singalong Song
12 The Bongo Board
13 Bubble Up
14 300 All' Ora
15 Un Vibraphone
16 Bombay Beatclub
17 White Spy Black Cop
18 Johnny Tamboo
19 Sputnik Café
20 Sputnik Malfunction

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RonM said...

great album with nice shag like cover this is the sort of thing I look for and rarely find - thanks