Friday, June 29, 2012

The Clitter Clatter Of Skateboards In My Ears Redux

Jonny Manak And The Depressives
1.2 Jiggawatts

Jonny sent me a nice note with blessings and the new happenin' with our favorite manaks. In addition to working on a new album in HIS VERY OWN STUDIO he managed to work on a new son!
A very happy man.

Jonny Manak is a busy man. The professional skater is a ridiculously prolific musician who not only performs in numerous bands on various instruments but also fronts his own pet project, Jonny Manak & The Depressives. JM&D is a wild combination of rock n’ roll influences from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. There are elements of surf rock, rockabilly, punk and 60’s/70’s garage rock littered throughout their songs. Imagine Chuck Berry and Dick Dale playing classic rock with members of The Ramones and you’ve got the right idea. The group started two years ago when Manak decided to go solo after having played guitar, bass or drums for The Cliftons, Clay Wheels, The Odd Numbers, The Forgotten, Fang and many others. He wrote and recorded his debut, Rebound Town, on his own, playing all instruments himself. The record proved to be a huge local and underground hit and received rave reviews from Razorcake, Rhapsody,, Skratch and many others as well as airplay on college, satellite, internet and commercial radio. JM&D recently released their second full-length album, 1.21 Jiggawatts. This time around, Manak recorded the album with his live band a.k.a. bassist Kris Perez, drummer Steve Campbell and guitarist Jake Griffiths. The group has performed nearly 200 shows in their two years together as a band. They most recently performed at the Refreshing Sounds Session in Amsterdam hosted by Heineken. They played a full set and had one of their songs remixed by three different local DJ’s that same night as part of a competition. Manak is also a professional skateboarder with his own deck, courtesy of Beer Run Skateboards. He skates for E’s Shoes, Sessions Clothing, Kronik Energy Drinks, Halos Bearings, Gripped Ape and Circle-A.


01. Eat Me Alive
02. 1.21 Jiggawatts
03. Spend My Time
04. Rock n' Roll Penetration
05. Smashed
06. Got My Back
07. Hey You, Get Your Damn Hands Off Of Her!
08. Prettiest Girl
09. Paranoid Boy
10. They Got A Pool
11. Rock n' Roll Queenie
12. Kid Again
13. Enchantment Under The Sea
14. Future Ex-Wife
15. Acting Young

Get it HERE


Toxxy said...

Hi T! So I finally got my lazy a** 'round to your beautiful blog to check out what you've been up to lately! Man, you have been busy! Lots of stuff to read and I'll most likely grab a few albums.

This one, "1.21 Jiggawatts" (yeah, the doc really pulled his hair when Marty said that "impossible" number!) sounds right up my alley so I'm grabbin' it right now! Thx very much T. You have a nice weekend now, Cheers buddy!